Friday Ephemera
Reheated (36)

Little Knots of Agony

Hush now, you patriarchal rubes, with your whiteness and your privilege. Our educated betters are about to speak.

I hear a screech of mental feedback

Yes, his whiteness and genitals were the only problem. The salacious fantasies of “revolutionary terror” and global class genocide? She’s fine with that. Marx may have been a man, and a white one at that, but hey, he knew “what’s up.” And along with his comrades, he planned to fix all that. With the “complete extirpation” of “reactionary peoples” – i.e., bourgeois troublemakers like thee and me. Oh, there’s more. Ms Johnson, a “strong black woman and lover of poetry,” has some facts to impart, literally:  

White privilege bingo

Ever vigilant for white privilege, Laurie Penny rushes to defend this proud speaker of truth to power. You see, Ms Johnson is a Person Of Colour™, an exotic shaman, and so we must listen deferentially to her bluster and screeching. Her melanin makes her wise. And that “metaphoric poetry” mentioned earlier? Here we are:  

Such insight and cadence

The author of said work is Ms NayNay Thompson, no relation, a “queer, black and angry intersectional feminist.” “Follow me,” says she, “and I’ll blow your mind.” A scholar, obviously. If her poetry sounds a little artless and obnoxious, and just a tad racially prejudiced, you’re wrong of course.

The rigorous science of identity politics

Read a sociology book, goddammit.

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