Erotically Charged, I Think You’ll Agree
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Friday Ephemera

Raccoon likes grapes very much. And has better table manners than quite a few children. // Face recognition for pets. // Flying around Mount Fuji with a jetpack. // The effects of Gravity. // Coffee grinders of yore. // Arteries and veins. // Saving women from ochobo and other social gaffes. // NASA gifs. // 4.6 million may be a few too many notes. // Philosophy chart of note. // Autonomous lights. (h/t, Julia) // Lettering by hand. // The thermal dip mirage. // “The living unicorn,” 1985. (h/t, Coudal) // The whale warehouse. // Wine in a can. // You’ll want one for the lab: A table that mimics 3D objects in real time. // And BatDad strikes back