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December 20, 2013



SO depressing that white is the preferred car color. I didn't see any green cars, much less my Lime Squeeze Metallic tree frog.


For those who didn't see this before:


That link seems to be a very sarcastic response to this:


It's really hard to tell whether both of these are sarcastic or only the latter.


But it's very amusing in either case.


*only the former, that is.


Hmmm. Come to think of it, the rat's sax player does sound awfully familiar . . .


just wait for the foot.

It was hard to miss. I'm very confused but I think I'll buy a ticket anyway.


I am enjoying this upscale electronica, but then I already was a sucker for good ambient.


Formally, I mean.



Thanks for the Woob links, David.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Christmas lights


Christmas lights

Must be a pagan neighbourhood.


"Okay, so, it's a moth, is something going tOH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST DOGFUCKER SHITBALLS"


How low? This low

Well that is just a little bit impressive. What happens when they get to the bottom? Did anyone think of that?

Reminds me of this somewhat chilling video. I mean 'chilling' in the old, Peter Cushing sense; not the modern David Cameron one.


I mean ‘chilling’ in the old, Peter Cushing sense; not the modern David Cameron one.

Oh my. I hadn’t seen that.

Nik White

Fascinating reports from UK's Channel 4 News:

Radical Communist-Anarchists-Black Panthers-Occupiers and Primal Screamers from London's 1970s look back and reflections on the Judean People's front from an ex-Maoist, Alexei Sayle.



It’s interesting how Mr Sayle thinks of Marxism as having been “perverted” by “lunatics” and “crazies.” He somehow manages to exonerate Marx from that same category of arrogance, cruelty and mental derangement, as if the theoretical blueprint and the horror that inevitably followed were somehow unrelated. As if one didn’t give a license and pretext for the other. If you’ve ever read the sadistic, annihilationist ravings of Marx and Engels, you’ll appreciate that’s quite a mental feat. Though a remarkably common one.

Re the dogmatic hilarities of the 1970s and early 80s, Vanessa Engle’s documentary series Lefties is well worth a squint. The episode on feminism is a corker. And Linda Bellos, the woman in the Channel 4 item, is also mentioned here.

[ Edited. ]


Love the foot.

In the opening scenes of the trailer, before the dialog, I thought: Oh great, Hollywood has created what will be deemed a despicable stereotype of Asians.

Only not. :-)

Jeff Guinn

It boggles the mind to think of what Richard Wright could have done with a Seaboard.


Followed the comment link above to the Lefties documentary about their utter, hideously-expensive failure in launching a left-wing tabloid ... so that's how they screwed up obamacare so badly!

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