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It’s a Fascist Groove Thang

Ugh. Am felled by Man Flu, the deadliest flu of all. However, further to this discussion, I feel compelled to share this

So much drama

If I don’t make it through the day, tell them I died heroically and handsomely. In an ocean of snot.


In the comments, svh notes that Laurie’s article, which denounces the modern campus as akin to “a military dictatorship,” omits any mention of why the police might find it necessary to be on campus, let alone use force against students. As regular readers will know, Laurie’s mental landscape is one in which she and her peers are always and forever the victims of the drama, irrespective of who did what to whom. As elevated beings, the fault is never theirs. This conceit requires certain omissions and failures of memory, in order to imagine a world where self-styled revolutionaries and would-be anarchist ninjas are subject to inexplicable and unprovoked beating. The violence, you see, just fell out of the sky for no particular reason.

In Laurie’s mind, presumably, nothing you see in this video actually happened. Nobody laid siege to someone else’s property, terrorising staff and trapping them in their offices. Nobody barricaded fire escapes and used mob force repeatedly, while denouncing any kind of physical retaliation or attempt to enforce the law. No, the thuggery and shoving, the attempts to intimidate and impose on others… that somehow didn’t happen. It was, in Laurie’s mind, “a peaceful occupation.” 

Like so many of her comrades, Laurie relies on a kind of faux naiveté - according to which, laying siege to a building and trapping staff for hours while chanting “Fuck the police” is in no way provocative or an invitation for scuffles and violence. Using mob coercion against random people, and then against the police, is what pacifists do, at least in the minds of idiots and pathological liars. Idiots and liars who then affect shock and indignation when that violence escalates, inevitably, as planned, while relishing the publicity and Heroic Victim Status.

If the inversion of reality isn’t sufficiently bold, consider yesterday’s student protest against the police response to such “peaceful” occupations. One protest organiser, University of London Union president Michael Chessum, insisted, “The vast majority of the trouble that happens in protests is because of [the police] presence.” And not because of masked mobs acting out their adolescent power fantasies. ULU vice president Daniel Cooper shared his thoughts via Twitter, “Today was a huge show of our force. Who’s universities? OUR universities! Who’s streets? OUR streets!” Setting aside the primary school spelling, Mr Cooper and his fellow radicals can apparently claim ownership of whatever they please, impose on whomever they please, and exult in this use of force while denouncing “fascism.”

Meanwhile on the streets of central London, students were keen to demonstrate their moral credentials too, by breaking down other people’s gates, setting bins on fire, blocking traffic for hours and trashing police vehicles. To show the world how unnecessary police involvement is.

Thank goodness these socialist intellectuals are showing us the way.