Novel Uses for Everyday Objects
The Needs of Artists

Reheated (38)

For newcomers, a selection of short films and documentaries from the archives.

Till Nowak visits the Institute for Centrifugal Research. An adventure in human endurance and excessive G-Force.  

Martin Durkin’s Thatcher documentary shreds some leftist myths and induces glorious squirming in, among others, Neil Kinnock.

From Sébastien Montaz-Rosset’s documentary about wire walkers, I Believe I Can Fly. “I’m not sure I can hold on with my toes.”

A taste of Jeanie Finlay’s documentary Goth Cruise, in which 150 Goths sail to Bermuda in a non-conformist manner. 

Steve V conducts an experiment. “Two hidden cameras. A bunch of kids. One marshmallow each.”

And Laurie Hill’s short film about unusual customer requests at the Hulton Photo Archive.

There’s more to be had in the greatest hits