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December 30, 2013


Lurker 42

Arun Smith, a radical saviour of the hypothetically downtrodden,

I missed that one. Words fail me.

Keep up the good work, David.


I missed that one. Words fail me.

Yes, the arrogance is breathtaking. Apparently, our self-appointed champions of “social justice” no longer need concern themselves with dreary things like logic and evidence, and can instead act on sheer force of will. Or narcissistic bloody-mindedness. While dismissing their critics as “anti-intellectual.”

It must be so liberating.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

There are places where they take their beer seriously:

A South Carolina woman was held on a domestic abuse charge for allegedly stabbing her common-law husband with a decorative ceramic squirrel when he came home late on Christmas Eve without any beer.

Read the rest of it.

squirting paint out of his eyes


While this abrasive abbreviation of The Artist's Due Relevance well evidences your rustic intellectual tier, David, such is absolutely why I subscribe.

The Arts. We but only serve.


There are places where they take their beer seriously

If I understand it correctly, the moral of the story is to keep the beer cooler stocked at all times. It’s basic marital science.

Sanity Inspector

"Microaggression" is the whiniest neologism of the millennium so far.


”Microaggression” is the whiniest neologism of the millennium so far.

But it’s a perfect tool for the chronically passive-aggressive. As opposed to, say, stoicism and a sense of proportion, which are no use at all and terribly old hat.

Chris S.

Micro-Aggression is quite convenient for the accuser. If the aggressions were any larger a non-biased third party might be able to confirm them. But as they are micro, only a true gnostic visionary/intellectual can see them.

Simen Thoresen

Thank you for the year that was, David. My shillings are in your jar.


Thanks, Simen. And to everyone who chips in.


Other highlights included students at the University of Tennessee being enlightened by a lesbian bondage expert,

That wasn't the kind of lesbian bondage expert I was hoping for.

Spiny Norman

It never is, is it, Neil?


Micro-Aggression is quite convenient for the accuser. If the aggressions were any larger a non-biased third party might be able to confirm them.

Well, it’s interesting how the term is typically used by people like this, and like this. Which is to say, by people who wish to inflict their psychological baggage and passive-aggressive urges on others. And so the psychodrama escalates, with ever more improbable sources of grievance, anything from grammatical correction to the names of nail polish colours.

But ours is an age of curious inversions. The phrase “critical thinking” is used ostentatiously by people who crave dogma and power other others and for whom autonomous mental activity is anathema, an alien concept. For those whose worldview is suitably inverted, this is a demonstration of heroism and bravery. And the ‘progressive’ faces of MSNBC, the media shop window of ‘progressive’ virtue, behave like this. Let that one sink in for a minute. Imagine the “one of these things” comment being made on air by a non-leftist and affirmed unanimously by the other non-leftists on the show. The projection is quite boggling.


Apparently NOT satire!



Apparently NOT satire!

It’s a fun-house mirror approximation of scholarship – dogmatic, absurd and all but unreadable. And therefore par for the course. I gave up after a few pages but I still feel as though I’ve lost four pints of blood.

[ Added: ]

And remember, the above “work” isn’t some random parody of intelligence. This has been taught as an ideal; it’s been arrived at by design. As Roger Kimball says, “How many things had to go wrong — intellectually, socially, morally — to account for prose like this?”

Spiny Norman

Ah hell. AC1 beat me to it.

Gotta be quick with this audience...


My thanks for an entertaining - and informative! - year. Here's to 2014...

Patrick Brown

Well, happy new year to all Thompsonites, and hail to our glorious leader for entertaining us all through 2013.

You'll like this.


Ani deFranco announced she was holding a "righteous" songwriting retreat on a former plantation in Louisiana. Some people thought this was a bit racially insensitive. One of her (white) Facebook supporters got tired of defending the decision as herself, and created a fake Facebook account as "LaQueeta Jones", with a photo of a random black woman she found somewhere on the internet, and defended it in a hilarious argot Jar Jar Binks would find insulting.

The event has since been cancelled.

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