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December 23, 2013



Merry Christmas David. And thank you for the blog: a repository of good sense, clarity, things of interest, big laughs and wonderful writing.


Seven years, good grief.

I've been lurking for three of them and just wanted to say thanks for some quality reading. The 'agonies' tweets are my favorite. Merry Christmas David (and the rest of you).

Another seven years, please. *Hits tip jar*

carbon based lifeform

Merry Christmas all. Long live the Guild of Evil™.

John D

What Paul said.

Lurkers are just shy

"Like and retweet", Mr Thompson. ;-)


Hope our host and his readers have a great Christmas. Have a drink on me, David.


Merry Christmas David! Thanks for a whole year of great posts.


One for your stocking.


Thanks for another year of top blogging. My wife (pbuh) is a new convert and is currently laughing at this one. Best to you and yours, David.

Steve 2

Have yourself a socially conscious, carbon-neutral, culturally-inclusive Winter Solstice.

And goodwill to all differently-abled genderqueer womyn of colour.


That video is great. Mostly because i remember all of those computers being new at one time. Thanks for a great year and many laughs. Merry Christmas to all.


Perhaps our host will cringe, but I hope not.

Here we're given a reminder that the best weapon against humungous political silliness is not spluttering rage, but laughter. Here also a blog-host who doesn't need to regularly reveal the succession of personal dramas you get with the likes of Ms Penny. Instead he drily points things out, to hilarious effect at times.

...and all those silly videos, and just a few amazing ones, all this in one place. Good show... & Happy Christmas, all.


Nadolig Llawen.


He's a wimp for not having dual floppy drives on his C-64, like I had.


Yep, another lurker here. Very entertaining blog, and I've even learned a few things. A refreshing alternative to some of the more vituperative blogs out there (which I also enjoy, nonetheless). I often wondered if some of the people you feature were actually real living, breathing human beings. Then I caught Laurie Penny on Newsnight. That was fun.

What's your background, David? That's a personal question, I know, but it's something I've often wondered in the past. Of course, feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

Keep up the good work. Happy Xmas.



all this in one place.

Well, the fart jokes and collections of navel fluff keep things in perspective. You wouldn’t want Ms Penny and her peers living in your head. Therein madness lies.


Yep, another lurker here.

One of the small pleasures of doing this is having long-time lurkers de-lurk, as it were. It’s easy to forget that most of the people reading this thing are hiding in the bushes and keeping very, very quiet. Though I’d like this to be a place where people feel they can join in, and I think of the posts as starting points for discussion rather than full stops. The threads are where I have some fun.

What’s your background, David?

Running a small record label on an even smaller budget. Imagine what you will. Then sex it up a bit.


Possibly of interest...there apparently is something of a phenomenon of David Thompsons, tracked and recorded here


So much internet, so little time...


Merry Christmas to you and all who sail in your barge, David!

I see there is far more good cheer here than on the Xmas Eve CIF pages where is appears nativity plays are to do with satan, guidance is given on which xmas delicacies are acceptable to Julie Bindel, and it is suggested you oughtn't make the effort to travel home to loved ones.

Ebenezers the lot of them; may they continue to be joyfully pilloried here!


collections of navel fluff

Please tell me that's not real.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Ebenezers the lot of them; may they continue to be joyfully pilloried here!

The Passions of Carol


Tres bon blog .....continuez !!


Another lurker here too, although I'm a more recent arrival. I only found my way here earlier this year, but I've been thoroughly enjoying the blog, and I've spent quite a few entertaining hours combing through the greatest hits. Thank you, David, and Merry Christmas!


An xmas message from an eco-fascist.


Spiny Norman

Merry Christmas to you and yours, David.


Thanks for the many belly-laughs and guffaws to offset the metric tonnes of grim drivel from the Pretentious Class.
Given that one never knows whether to laugh or to cry, at least over here the answer is always laugh.


Thanks for the many belly-laughs and guffaws to offset the metric tonnes of grim drivel from the Pretentious Class.

Well, I think it’s important to acknowledge how absurd such people are, though quite often their ambitions and psychology are also a little sinister. So maybe we should modify that to “Laugh when don’t have power over you.”

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