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Friday Ephemera

Even Her Buttocks Feel Guilty (and Other Agonies)

Yes, yes, I know. It’s beneath me. Beneath her too.

Even her buttocks feel guilty.

Only his thoughts will be heard. And then utopia. 

Says the self described 'gender traitor and cultural Marxist'.

His guilt may be pretentious but it makes him better than us.

Hey guys, free stuff

Economics 101.

Says the man whose favourite hashtag is FULLCOMMUNISM.

Because there’s no difference between microscopic bacteria and a nascent human being. 

Amanda Marcotte, moral titan

Because they know so much about the world.

Adults might talk back with facts and stuff.

Analyse like Laurie.

Analysis, she says

Dark forces at work.

What Julie thinks

At the hard edge of it.

Our tiny readership is Murdoch's fault

I’ll just leave this one here, shall I?

Laurie is not at all narcissistic

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