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January 19, 2014



Awesome and surreal.


Oooh, it's like bubblewrap in the sky!


*hides under stairs waiting for end of world*

David Davis

Golly...that looks even rather scary. I'd be apprehensive, me, to be underneath that lot.

Steve 2 - The Stevening

Hallo David,

Meanwhile, over at radfem central, it's an ill witchy wind that blows noone any good.

She's now complaining that men are reading her blog:


They’re not just looking at it, they view it with the intent of harming radical feminists and women in general.

Those dastards!

Unlike a normal blogger, attracting 85,000 hits isn’t something I want to celebrate. It’s threatening: you know they’re after you, it only means you’ve hit men’s radar and you have no idea what they plan to do. Will they attempt to hack into my blog? Will they try to find info about me? The kinds of thought this leads me to is 85,000 men going after me in real life. Probably a bit less if you discount the women. If that happened, how on earth could I hide from tens of thousands of men?

She is woman, hear her roar!

Sadly, reality threatened to intrude:

Receiving so many comments denying what I said one after the other reinforces my sense of isolation, of outlandishness, of being the only one who knows. It makes me doubt the reality of my perceptions, it makes me waver, it shakes my foundations for a bit. I start questioning what I said. If so many people assert this with such confidence and if it contrasts so starkly with my perceptions, how can my assumptions be real?

But our heroine's wavering didn't last long, thankfully. Confirmation bias to the rescue:

The wavering doesn’t last for long thankfully, I regain my senses quite quickly, sometimes more so than others. Writing, talking about it to friends and receiving radfems comments helps a lot. It’s the only thing that ever helps actually

She's definitely not paranoid though:

because men are waiting in line to rape and kill us

Waiting in line! How civilised of them.

Despite their polite queue etiquette, white men are the devil:

We have, from the 12th or 13th century up until the 19th century, a very long period of overt genocide of women by western men across the globe.

It's a miracle women survive long enough to procreate.

Radical feminism is a jealous Godess and thou shalt worship no other identity politics deities:

on the other hand are completely colonised by the male academic takeover of feminism with all this queer, postmodern, pro-trans and pro-prostitution bullshit.

Her readers are lovely girls too. Myra Hindley might have sympathised with:

However one does wonder whether Older Women who have seen it all and who are responding by Removing themselves from Harm (the best they can) are perhaps Culling male children, in some tiny fraction of the numbers that Violent Males are torturing and murdering both Girls and Boys. It would make perfect sense if they were, and they would be doing us all a Huge Favor. It is something to think about.

Something to think about indeed.


@ Steve
That Witchwind chick sounds like a laugh !

Steve 2 - The Stevening

Jamie- she sounds like she probably wouldn't be the life and soul of the party. But then, radical feminism is a serious business. Our courageous heroine has had to endure "awful assaults", in other words, comments left on her blog from people who disagree with her (which, naturally, she refuses to publish):

Fucking men I’m so sick of them. I feel like every single one of my words is now being stripped down and surveyed by them, that I have to watch what I say – far more so than before. I’ve already started to censor my thoughts, to think about how some will react before I write something, which I didn’t as much before, and which is why I allowed myself to talk so openly. This is really shit.

Just don't call it mental illness. Telling people who are clearly unwell that they might want to seek help is "gaslighting" and "brainwashing".

Mercifully, a technical solution may be in the offing, perhaps courtesy of feminist computer programmers:

I’ll see if it’s possible with wordpress to block comments from everyone except known commenters.

I'm not convinced our Boudicca of blogging grasps the point of this internet thing. Maybe it's time radical feminists set up their own world wide web so as to enjoy a truly safe space online.


@The Stevening
I get the feeling she's typing all that crap from within a padded cell somewhere. Probably locked up by "The Patriarchy" or something.
Anyway, I'm off for a nice dinner for two, a romantic movie and then back to my place for coffee and rape. Bye !

present & correct

@The Stevening & Jamie,
disturbed female kinda reminded me of this...


(Brian Clemens 'Thriller' used to shit-me-up to high hell on saturday nights, when i was a young 'un in the 70s left home alone with my big sis)


Steve 2,

Receiving so many comments denying what I said one after the other reinforces my sense of isolation, of outlandishness, of being the only one who knows.

This is someone who defines disagreement and correction as “assault,” and for whom “emotional safety” means no-one is permitted to challenge anything she says, anything at all, however untrue, malign or unhinged it may be. I’m actually reluctant to link to her again, thereby adding fuel to her psychodrama. Given her precarious mental condition, I’m a little worried she might come unspooled. I suppose it’s not surprising to find blogs published by people with quite serious mental health issues and openly sadistic urges. What’s interesting, though, is that her ravings aren’t much different in tone from those of several authors and academics to which she refers.

Steve 2 - The Stevening

Present and correct - i've never seen that show but it sounds a lot like "Tales Of The Unexpected", which I loved.

Like a lot of television from that era, it hasn't aged well. It came from a more innocent time when we Brits had only three or four TV channels, scare chords were scary, and we were terrified by a man turning himself into a giant bumblebee.

David - yes, she might be a rather hysterical outlier, but the tone and conspiracy theory mentality is fairly common in academia. I once took a sociology class where the lecturer explained that supermarket own brands were invented to oppress the poor, and that John Major was "allowed" to become Prime Minister to perpetuate the lie that class mobility exists in Britain.

He was rather vague on the specifics of how Tesco Value Brand baked beans exploit the proletariat, or who "They" were who nefariously facilitated the rise of John Major (I'm guessing The Jews, shape-shifting space lizards, or Edwina Currie) but then who can expect precision and empirical evidence from an academic?

This wasn't one of those wacky polytechnic/petrol station-cum-university institutions either, but a famous and supposedly reputable centre of learning and research.

present & correct


don't think i'm gonna be spoiling it for anyone, to say that the plot involves a women raped by this fella (Bishop Brennan from Father Ted!).. who then starts seeing the rapist's face in all the men she meets, and goes on a murderous revenge rampage against innocents.

doesn't sound too farfetched after casting a glance upon your deranged feminist.

Steve 2 - The Stevening

Present and correct - she *did* kick him up the arse!


Fucking men

There's another kind?


There's another kind?

Presumably celibate men.

Patrick Chester

Thanks. Now I have the theme song to the 80s "Flash Gordon" movie stuck in my head.


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