Someone Bought a Led Zeppelin Album

Friday Ephemera

Taken aback by goings-on. // Magic for dogs. // Apparently it’s a grindcore band. // Michael Jackson minus the music. // The science of dancefloor seduction: “Women rated dancers higher when they showed larger and more variable movements of the head, neck and torso.” // Accelerated sponges. // The making of neon signs. // Bus stop of note. // Our endangered green belt. // Previously on Game of Thrones. // Jonah Goldberg on “social justice.” // Just clouds. // The eyes of 200 people. // Light paintings. // Butterfly wings. // Why this man has a camera on his foot. // The secret life of classroom furniture. // Hair “in accordance with the socialist lifestyle.” // And finally, further to this, it’s 2048 Numberwang