Will This Be in the Exam?
Twenty-Four Words

Friday Ephemera

The circus arts, Indian-style. // A tediously accurate scale model of the solar system. // Head for the hills, the robots are coming. // Father-son bonding. // A collection of abnormal frogs. // Underwater fashion. // Film restoration. // Flames. // The random teleporter. // At last, a see-through-tipped marker pen. // Soy sauce. // This I like. // Lunar map catalogue. // The digital comics museum. // Goats in sweaters, obviously. // Deep trench beasties five miles down. // A small compendium of Chinese hair. // Assorted porn search terms, presented in low-key relaxing manner. (h/t. MeFi) // And finally, somewhat shockingly: “An argument on the internet has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.”