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March 29, 2014



Will monetized respect do?


It’s all good.


*monetises manly handshake*


But WHICH Zep album? It's important!


This one.


"Or just monetised love."
Which Feminists want to make illegal David, so I guess I'll just have to get some while the monetised lovin' is good. (Hits tip jar)


[ Irons blogging thong. ]


Just don't goto the museum anymore.



The line between “philosopher” and “monumental tit” has often been quite narrow.


Well that may be true in many cases, but two of the brightest people I've ever met were philosophers.

These were not people who played pointless games with words. They were polyglots, logicians and men who explored what we mean when we say we "know" anything. You can't get away from philosophical questions, and certainly not here - where we discuss logic and scientific evidence often enough.

They could debate better than anyone I know, and taught many bright young students how to think.

One of them was rather well known, but is gone now. The other, well, we took a while to get used to each other, but you could say we've been .. good friends for years ;)


Good to know I can order from the U.S. site via yours. I was worried.


[ Iron blogging thong! ]

Don't hold back, David.

James In Footscray

David, your greatest hits have kept me gripped for days! Thank you!


Just don't goto the museum anymore.

Oy. Veh.

Did someone's shrink throw 'im out on his ear, so that he's now inflicting fantasized therapy through seeking solace in museums?

You see, de Botton thinks that museums and art galleries are getting it all wrong. Every day, ‘honest, upright citizens leave highly respected museums and exhibitions feeling underwhelmed’. Rather as they once entered churches to find God, they now enter museums to find ‘better versions of themselves’. And since it’s not actually the art we want but deliverance, the museums are consistently failing to deliver.

. . . . . I wander into a museum to see what's in there. Around New Years or so I went sightseeing to also see the building itself 'cause I'd been to its predecessor several times, but hadn't yet gotten in there following the complete rebuild . . .


Tap, tap tap, testing, testing . . .

David, if you can see particular Amazon transactions, do you see a recent trio of Horace, post Soviet murder, and Cuban murder?

If so, I finally got the thing to first actually become visible, and then work right---the first step was finally realizing that the Firefox based Adblock was keeping the widget from appearing, not the javascript blocker . . .


if you can see particular Amazon transactions…

Hal, I can’t see those particular items, but things don’t appear on my statement until they’ve been dispatched.


. . . things don’t appear on my statement until they’ve been dispatched.

Cool. And that does makes sense. This is the closest I've been to this variety of sausage making, so I'm still sorting out the ingredients and the chopping and mixing order . . .

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