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April 18, 2014



That pole dancer must have amazing biceps (among other things). Do you think pole dancing could be introduced to the Olympics? It would make more sense than bloody stupid synchronised swimming.


Of course my ice cubes are sculpted to order. What is this, the Dark Ages?

The Japanese temple cube is brilliant.


The Japanese temple cube is brilliant.

Well, a dinner party just looks thrown-together and shabby unless you have designer ice cubes.


I wish to upvote Olympic pole dancing.


One father’s Saturday mornings

Ha ha ha – oh my word, one of my cousin's kids is just the same as that guy's daughter.

Reminds me of this anecdote about Gillian Lynne .



Best line: “People weren’t aware they could have that.”


More academics like this please. http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/17081/


Pig with table manners.


Evidently, the pole dancer put her degree in Applied Physics to good use.

John D

I also wish to upvote Olympic pole dancing.


Blue canvas, white line. Forty four million dollars.

“Onement VI” should not be confused with Newman’s earlier work “Cathedra” from 1951…

Wise advice.

Simen Thoresen

A big thumb up for Gillian Lynne - I'll have to watch the rest of the talk next.

And oooh. Both on the ice-cubes, and the watches. Still - watches I wouldn't spend on are probably assembled the same way, so meh.

I'm a little confused that a mechanical predator would be called symbiotic, but I guess in todays world of PC, anything goes.

Oh, and my own contribution, British Pathe have published their collection on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp4u0WHLsK8OAxnvwiTyhA
Go watch.

Lastly - The Spanish brandy 'Fundador' is mild and pretty smooth. It goes well in a large glass while browsing Twitters nihilistic hero, NeinQuarterly;


That Southwest Airlines flight attendant's schtick is the rule rather than the exception on that airline. They encourage their employees to be humorous; I've heard some pretty funny things from the pilots, too.

Southwest is a fun airline to fly if you don't mind the "festival seating" and other bare-bones aspects.


Those photos of snails might lead you to believe that snails are cute little things.

Had I photos of what snails do to my hostas and lupines you'd reconsider. Scoured down to the nub is what.

Chris S.

That jet powered snowboarding really leads one to think that we're not that far off from having those quad-engine drones capable of hauling people around. Amazing.




Yep, that's pole dancing all right.

Spiny Norman

Speaking of Japan.

Quite impressive, really.

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