But Beauty Is So Hard
Marxist Revolution Delayed Again

Friday Ephemera

Why animals aren’t round. // At last, a table for cats. // Dog barks at self barking at self. // Because you’ve always wanted bottled meat. // Bondage furniture looks uncomfortable. // First you must be burly. // Incoming objects. // Our astronauts will look fabulous. // 320° Licht. // Animated Liberians. // On handling bread. // Orson Welles’ sketchbook, 1955. // I didn’t know this was done freehand. // Westeros and other territories. // Texas storm. // 30 years of westerns condensed into an hour. // 75 years of Marvel. // Stinky candles. // Judgmental maps. (h/t, Paul Brady) // Just answer the question. // The view from inside various musical instruments. // And finally, take a moment to imagine the possibilities