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Beasts of the Air

Friday Ephemera

Skate Bush. // Substandard taxidermy. // Life is like that sometimes. // The clandestine laboratory register. // He likes all of the effects. // How to alarm friends and family by squeezing your head inside a jar. // From the air. // A worryingly thorough archive of flight attendant uniforms. (h/t, Coudal) // For fans of Hong Kong neon. // The ups and downs of TV shows in annotated graph form. // Global migration flows. // Apparently this is an advert for bottled water. // Play with Patatap. // Just this. // At last, a coffee shop for birds. // Cats and metalheads. // When in doubt. // Distributed intelligence and farting ink. // And finally, in the name of science, a simulation of 1,500 people trying to cross a road while texting