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April 09, 2014



So I Googled 'Kandor':

1. Kandor (Persian: كندر‎)[1] is a village in Balesh Rural District, in the Central District of Darab County, Fars Province, Iran.

2. Kandor is the former capital city of the planet Krypton. It is best known for being stolen and miniaturized by the supervillain Brainiac.

I'm leaning towards #2.


Heh. We’ve both learned something today.


Sorry to be a buzz kill....but isn't this a massively over-romanticised version of a place that for most people is a long way away.
I did say sorry...


I don't know about being "massively romanticised". It's pretty much what you'd see on a nice day from a tall building in the Sydney CBD. Except for the Bondi scenes, and Bondi is not far from the city.


I agree with James. I was in Sydney in February and, while it didn't look miniaturised, it did look very much like what was depicted in the film.

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