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For reasons that escape me, the Amazon US search widget was making the blog inaccessible for readers using Chrome or Firefox. I’ve removed the offending item and replaced it with a text link just like this one, below the Amazon UK widget, top right, which seems to work fine. Again, my thanks to all who are using the widgets and links to do their shopping, each time earning a small fee for me at no extra cost to you. It’s much appreciated. Obviously I quiver in anticipation at the prospect of your comments, but it’s the filthy lucre that keeps this barge afloat.



Huh, I've been using the 'fox and it's worked fine. Must be the add ons or something.


When do we get another 'Agonies of the Left' post?

btw I found out what the button does. ;-)


When do we get another ‘Agonies of the Left’ post?

There’s half of one on the drawing board. So… soon, I hope. It partly depends on readers emailing links to items of interest. I’m trying to get the right balance of hubris and bellendery.

btw I found out what the button does.

I see my utter cunning has once again paid off.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

How to tell if you're a real vampire:

Do you have unusually pale skin? You don't have to be white to be pale. If yes then cook up one or two (depending on the size) medium rare steaks (the best way to do this) If, by the time you’re done enjoying the second one, you have a new pinkish color throughout your body that you haven’t had in a while, read no farther; you are a real vampire.

Seems legit.

Are you a naturally strong magic/energy user self-taught or self-realized?

Well, I do know how to amaze a toddler by making a coin magically appear from behind his ear.

Did your dad disappear from your life while you were at a young age?

He just went out for a packet of cigarettes. He'll be back! :(

Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired?

Those all night World of Warcraft sessions can take their toll.

Do you have an unusually high tolerance to alcohol

Explains why so many vampires are Scottish...

Do you tend to switch between very social and antisocial frequently?

And bipolar.

Are your nails clear like glass, yet very strong?

Not sure if vampire or well groomed woman.

Is your bedroom the coldest and darkest room in the house?

Those Twilight films lied to you. Claiming to be a vampire will NOT lead to sexytime.

Do the words "come on outside, it's a nice bright sunny day, and there’s a lot of people out," seem more like a bad thing than a good thing to you, as opposed to the guy who said it to you, saying it with a big happy smile?


Oh, and...

It is impossible to be a half-vampire, anyone that thinks otherwise is a total idiot.

I know, right? Idiots.


I couldn't get on yesterday using Safari on a Mac. Just a tantalising glimpse of Polly Toynbee and then a blank screen. Fine now.

That Amazon widget — if we use it to search for and then buy an item, do you still get some dosh? Or is it just the featured items that pay?



That Amazon widget — if we use it to search for and then buy an item, do you still get some dosh?

Yes. Any purchase made via the widget or via the US link below it, whatever it is you search for and buy, earns me a small fee. Which helps me keep this place ticking over, and the liquor cabinet stocked.


In other news, it’s interesting how the first-hand experience of crime can change a person’s views.


Maybe you could look at this?
It's the book being turned into the film Edge of Tomorrow.

Might be a nice boost to the coffers?

Just an idea.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA


Perhaps you might like this story for the next "Elsewhere" post.

Synopsis: College student points out his grandparents survived the Holocaust, so spare him the privilege shit. Commenters go nuts.


Ted S.,

Commenters go nuts.

Mother of God the first half dozen or so comments are absolutely vile … see the charming and erudite champion for social justice, Samantha Benning for example.


Commenters go nuts.

Thanks, Ted. See latest post.

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