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May 23, 2014


Ed Snack

Interesting, but the zero hedge story (where cars go to die...) has been well debunked.

Spiny Norman


For example.


At last, a swingers-only apartment complex.

Yeah, the rent is cheap but you'd really want to see the neighbours before signing the lease.

Will there be a vending machine for antibacterial wipes?


Will there be a vending machine for antibacterial wipes?

Heh. I can’t help thinking the polyamorous chic will soon give way to something much less glamorous.

Also, magnetic shoes.

John D

At last, the vegan feminist network.

At first I thought it had to be a parody. I'm still hoping it is.


At first I thought it had to be a parody. I’m still hoping it is.

It’s getting harder to tell where parody starts. But apparently some people really are gripped by “the sexual politics of vegan food,” thrilled by the prospect of “world vegan pizza day,” and scandalised to learn that the “nonhuman rights movement has been compromised by sexism and manipulated by patriarchy.” And the site has podcasts and everything. The presenters’ awkward, rather desperate efforts to make vegan pizza sound appetising are quite funny. When describing their meals to each other, which they do, at length, there’s a sort of neurotic tension.


I enjoyed a quote from the first vegan feminazi article : "Through me the dumb shall speak"

Amen to that sisters !


“How often do you fart in your place of work?”

I'll get back to you on that. [Takes out pad and pen.]


At last, the vegan feminist network.

Why does the one on the left look like she's being held against her will?

This … Cinematic matte painting, from Black Narcissus to Alien. and this … Spielberg’s long takes. - genuinely eye-opening as well as informative.


I’ll get back to you on that.

That’s the spirit. If everyone here were to do this and report back at the end of the day, I could tabulate the findings and make my own chart. Part science, part getting-to-know-you exercise.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Swingers-only letting:

"Imagine the show 'Friends'. Imagine that vibe but sexy".

No, not the sweet young mid-90's era Jennifer Aniston. Ugly Naked Guy from the building across the road.

For have you ever seen the sort of people who describe themselves as "sex positive" or "polyamorous"? They look like they should be dancing around with David Bowie after he stole a baby in 'Labyrinth'.

They probably fill in the bit on medical forms that asks "SEX? M/F" with "yes, please!"

Vegan feminists:

"Nice try Cadbury, but aside from being a slave industry, you also managed to maintain cis-normativity in presuming real men must possess “real nuts.” And using “nuts” as a pejorative is also disableist! “Sexism is nuts” reads like “People who are sexist are bad people, just like mentally ill people.” Fair-traded vegan chocolate for me, please."

I don't think it's parody either:

"Ms. Wrenn is an instructor of Sociology with Colorado State University, where she is also an A.B.D. Ph.D. She is also an adjunct professor of Sociology with Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and an adjunct professor of Social Psychology with the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She received her M.S. in Sociology in 2008 and her B.A. in Political Science in 2005"

In case you're wondering, as I was, ABD PhD means you don't have a PhD.

"Written by Cheryl E Abbate
Philosophy PhD Student at Marquette University"

Dear Boko Haram,

Would you be interested in a swap?

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Unsurprisingly, the story is not quite as shocking as the headline:

Cat Suspected of Arson in Hafnarfjörður

Jon Powers

Is crop dusting now considered bad manners at work? It shouldn't be. I only do it around the coworkers I don't like. Ah, I see my boss has arrived. Time for the first pass of the day...


The presenters’ awkward, rather desperate efforts to make vegan pizza sound appetising are quite funny

Broccoli and spinach leaves do not belong on a pizza. It is wrong and it must stop.


Broccoli and spinach leaves do not belong on a pizza. It is wrong and it must stop.

Well, I suppose vegans have to take desperate measures. There’s only so much you can do with tomato sauce and something called “lactose-free gluten-free vegan cheese alternative.” The box for which announces, rather triumphantly, “It really melts!

Apparently this is a major breakthrough in the world of vegan pizza.

Given that eggplant soon loses its charm, you have to distract the victim with something bold, something outré. “Ooh, kale.” I can’t say I enjoyed my one encounter with vegan pizza but I am impressed by some attempts to make these things look better than they taste. And there is of course a Tumblr named FuckYeahVeganPizza. Though your mileage may vary.

R. Sherman

"Aunt Velma" looks like a Civil War general who took up cross dressing due to Appomattox induced PTSD.


I've loved the last scene of the Quiet earth ever since I first saw it.

sackcloth and ashes

Re: 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Rocket Raccoon is in a film.

One of my dreams as an 11 year old has finally come true.


Vegan feminists, because one or the other just isn't enough these days...

'“Sexism is Nuts” says company that enslaves animals, children, and uses disableism in slogans'

They sound really nasty!

Guess who?

John D

something called “lactose-free gluten-free vegan cheese alternative.”

Soy. And trust me it's no substitute for cheese.

    As a vegan/animal loving feminist in the military pursing [sic] my PhD in philosophy …The views expressed in the blogs do not represent the views of the United States Military …

Um, wait, what? - Did that just happen?

    In addition to working in philosophy, Cheryl is also a company commander and first lieutenant in the Army Reserve, an avid activist for nonhuman animals, and mountain climber. Cheryl lives in Milwaukee with her two nonhuman animal companions,

That's … surprising. At least, the armed forces in the US must be quite a different place from the one I had been imagining for all these years.


Soy. And trust me it’s no substitute for cheese.

The vegan pizza I was offered - and couldn’t politely refuse - looked something like this. Along with the (presumably soy) cheese substitute, there were several items I couldn’t identify, and quite a lot of celery. Which rather tipped things over the edge.


Bee Strangeness: http://tinyurl.com/kutvqsu

via Tim Blair


Nikw 211

I saw that and boggled too. How on earth do you square refusing to kill animals with a readiness to kill humans ? Perhaps she would argue that she is protecting other citizens but that still entails a wilingness to use violence and the network of which she is a part spends a good deal of time claiming that violence and the 'narrative of consumption' are endemic in society and the source of the denial of rights to animals. It couldn't be surely that she puts her personal desire to be in the military ahead of her duty to social justice ? Only unthinking sexists would do that.


Yes Nikw211, we've closed up shop for the summer and posted the "Gone fishin'" sign. Western civilization will have to fend for itself until we're under new management. Pip-pip and talley ho as they say...or whatever.


I saw that and boggled too

Oh my word … you don't think these people are Fifth Columnists, working day and night to undermine the credibility of Left wing politics?

Would that make Laurie Penny a Neocon sleeper? Weird!


Western civilization will have to fend for itself until we're under new management.

New management - Cthulhu?


No, something more like Hastur the Unspeakable. But I'm not at liberty to say much more than that.

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