Thick Carpeting Should Fix It
I Get Mail from Sensitive Souls

Friday Ephemera

“Aunt Velma, she never married.” // At last, a swingers-only apartment complex. // “How often do you fart in your place of work?” // The bath houses of 1950s Tokyo. // Transparent faucet. // On drunk and sober fish. // Adorable fungi. // More fun with magnetic putty. // Light painting. // At play, from above. // Poolside Radio. // How to wake your pig. // 808 cube. // The rise and fall of the courtroom sketch artist. // Cinematic matte painting, from Black Narcissus to Alien. // Unsold cars. (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Spielberg’s long takes. // In local news. // At last, the vegan feminist network. // A snoring albino hedgehog. // Cross-dressing gentleman, 1896. // And finally, Glenn Close in space. With a talking raccoon.