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May 30, 2014



Alternate universe posters, even better: http://hartter.blogspot.com/2009/11/misc.html


an outburst of Beethoven.

Very nice.


Signs from the near future.

Love the Facebook and Twitter "oversharing warning".


Parallel universe film posters

. . . . . Y'mean William Shatner was actually not in Dances With Smurfs?!??


… an outburst of Beethoven.

[Thinks: "Small girl pays to hear one musician and is soon swamped by a whole orchestra playing Ode to Joy, which soon takes over the whole of the town square … Ode to Joy … is that video some kind of metaphor for the EU?"]


Nik, the flashmob was actually sponsored by a bank, so perhaps it's an advertisement for their excellent rates of return.


Hitchcock was right.

This is how it begins. They'll pick us off one by one.


the flashmob was actually sponsored by a bank

witwoud, ah yes I had read that on the link … but I just felt like having a pop at the monstrosity that is the EU's vast bureaucratic machinery anyway.

I have a number of reasons for not supporting UKIP but for all of Farage's many eccentricities, I think some of his criticisms of the EU are actually worth listening to. They're certainly not heard nearly as often as I think they should be. Although maybe that will begin to change over the next couple of years or so.


Hitchcock was right.

Now if only they'd share the secret of child-proof caps


This is how it begins. They’ll pick us off one by one.

It’s why Mr Potter’s giving his dog lessons in base jumping. We must fight the avian menace with every tool at our disposal, up to and including airborne dogs.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

The Five Stages of Inebriation - well, that escalated quickly. Did he skip the paying over the odds for sixteen cigarettes from one of those rip off pub fag machines, the "I love you, man" phase, and the obligatory kebab?

I really liked the alternate universe film posters. Richard Burton would have been great in 28 Days Later. He might have stopped that film from being garbage.

Cillian Murphy seemed like such a timid waif, in real life he'd be a zombie Peperami in the first act. He's also a bit creepy looking.

And WTF was going on with the British Army in that film? Less than a month after a zombie outbreak, and they're thinking "Great! Get your rape hats on, men! It's rapin' time!" And nobody in Christopher Ecclestone's section thought to do something about their clearly psychotic OC?

Maybe nothing stokes a man's fire like being surrounded by flesh eating ghouls.

And then, the hardened murderers and rapists of Her Majesty's Armed Forces get taken out by skinnymalinky Murphy and his baseball bat. I suppose Danny Boyle thinks being able to roll up a copy of the Guardian and use it to swat spiders makes him a man's man.

Shaun of the Dead was a much more realistic take on what would happen if zombies attacked. I keep a box of old LP's in my shed for that very purpose.


Today, we're teaching poodles how to fly!



Hitchcock was right.

I've seen other reports of swallows doing the same in places like Lowe's and Home Depot, wherein the rafters serve as nesting spots, and the swallows learn to do one pass to open the doors and fly through on the second.


the swallows learn to do one pass to open the doors and fly through on the second.

Cats in hot air balloons, it’s our only hope.


"Sir Christopher Lee is back in all his heavy metal glory!"



Cats in hot air balloons, it’s our only hope.

Such catties would undoubtedly puncture the balloon envelopes; trimming their claws would inhibit their boid-catching abilities.

Quite the dilemma.


a w mellon went with tennessee marble rather than limestone,which he used in his buildings in pittsburgh, for his national gallery in washington dc after being told of the staining problem as shown in the masonic temple in detroit.


I have to say I was disappointed by the tilting link. I was hoping it involved horses and windmills:-(.


Deep sea photos :)

Patrick Brown

If you liked the Beethoven one:

Spiny Norman

So many doctors.

Since they are all imitations of the real doctor, wouldn't that make them "quacks"?


all imitations of the real doctor,

Absolutely. The Other Half and I were recently trying to explain to someone what Dr Pepper tastes of. I suggested marzipan and he suggested Germolene antiseptic ointment.

Thing is, we’re both partly right.


Steve2, Don't forget the dvds for the zombie cats! I tried VHS tapes on our last zombie outbreak with less than stellar results. Had to resort to the crates of Mum's old china.

Col. Milquetoast

I love the outburst of Beethoven. It seems the like instruments are usually played in unison so I think the guy in the blue shirt at 3:50 might have gotten caught on camera loafing.

Lots of POVs but the cameramen are mostly invisible. The white shirt cameraman running in front of the crowd at 5:21 can also be seen running in front of the same crowd at 5:16. Did he do it twice or did they use the footage of the same event twice?

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