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Insert Coin for Dancing Monkey

Friday Ephemera

A gallery of animated PornHub comments. (NSFW) (h/t, MeFi) // A man-carrying kite. // Hitchcock was right. // Because tilting is fun. // Make your own 3D selfie figurine. // Dog lovers may want to look away now. // The five stages of inebriation, circa 1860s. // Signs from the near future. // Self-assembling shape-shifting robot furniture. // Parallel universe film posters. // Detroit’s Masonic Temple. // Types of blood. // So many doctors. // We English give good hedge. // Glow in the dark soap. // “My mum wanted to quickly tidy the house before we arrived.” // At last, a wormhole actualization machine. // Because every girl wants a rubber-band spider bracelet. // And finally, via Ian Fleming, an outburst of Beethoven.