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He laughs at your puny Western hats

His wife, not so much.


Apparently the turbans can involve hundreds of metres of cloth, umpteen metallic religious symbols and weigh around 25 kg. Cannabis use is not unknown among some orders, though generally it’s ingested rather than smoked.

Mike James

Wow. They know hats in Punjab.


Are we sure he doesn't have his mistress inside that thing?

Elrond Hubbard

I'd hate to sit behind him in a movie theater.


Ist seems to me to be an equivalent to a larger car than your neighbour's.


You know you're really holy when it takes four small boys to carry your hair around.


Is that his wife in the background, helping to hold his headgear up? Once again, the sexist male hegemony ruthlessly exploits downtrodden womanhood! This is an outrage! ... er, no, wait a minute ... he's not a white Anglo-Saxon male ... ummm, I withdraw all I just said.



Actually, for the one above and if the link behaves, he's actually sitting in a truck, and the woman is actually just seated behind him . . .

Between the talismans and the fabric, that does make for a very emphatic low tech version of an anti-collision airbag . . .


And I thought I had an issue wearing my cowboy hat in my F150. At least my wife can ride shotgun.


Following on from an adjacent post - he might be carrying George Monbiot's ego under there.

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