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May 21, 2014



"Five star hotel. Great views. Competitive prices. May tilt abruptly."


I think it’s the word abruptly that will put people off.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

If the hotel's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

It's not a Photoshop?


It’s quite real.

Jonathan Levy

Wait. Which of them is the tilted one?


Thick Carpeting Should Fix It

Or ask the guests to wear just one shoe.


Or ask the guests to wear just one shoe.

Yes, but that would only work if the guests were all walking from the front of the building to the rear minus the right shoe. At some point presumably they’ll want to return to the front end of the building without walking backwards so they’d have to take off the left shoe and put on the right one. Or worse, they might even want to turn 90° and walk from our left to right (or vice versa) - and then your cunning plan will, I fear, come unstuck.

Frankly, I don’t think you’ve thought it through.


The could just lower the foundations on the other side...


They could just lower the foundations on the other side...

No, no. I think we need to hammer out the details of Anna’s single shoe solution. Or possibly some combination of single shoes and thick carpeting.


Meanwhile, the other building is getting paranoid. 'I don't think I smell — do I?'


Kinda settles the question of which wall the bed should be up against.


Thick Carpeting Should Fix It



Is anyone else imagining a little old Korean guy behind the left-hand building huffing away over a rusty bicycle pump … No? Just me then … OK


"Structural Engineers, assemble!"

Jeff Wood

I would hate to walk past that with a drink in me...


OT, but...over at The Groan, Slavoj Zizek offers his intellectually masturbatory and morally superior insights into what capitalist consumers are doing when they, er, consume.


Mole Man could not be reached for comment.

Mike James

This is why the good Lord gave us shims.


It's a shame Kim Jong-il is no longer with us. He could take a look at it.


As for a solution, I'm gonna need a couple thousand feet of 2" galvanized chain, a few dozen ratchet load binders, and 22...make that 23 55 gallon drums of epoxy. I'm an engineer, trust me this will work.

Friday Night Smoke

@WTP: I'm also an engineer, and you're right. Epoxy fixes almost anything.


The ideal metaphor for Obamacare has just become manifest.

Jeff Guinn

Between not being able to land an airplane, drive a ship, and now putting up buildings that make hanging pictures pure hell, this has been annus horribilus for the Koreans.

Ed Snack

Duct tape, needs more duct tape. That fixes anything.


It looks like the Underminer to me. Call in the Incredibles!


It's been done:



Hey hey!

The Gruaniad hyperventilates:

Somebody must be doing something right.


The Gruaniad hyperventilates

There’s something about their use of the word populism that drips with implication - about the Guardianista mentality as much as anything else.

Jon Powers

Rather than a single shoe, why not just give each guest a 5 pound weight to hold whilst staying at the hotel. The weight must be held in the hand facing the higher side of the structure, obviously. Much easier to simply transfer the weight from one hand to the other when turning around, as opposed to changing a shoe. To whom do I bill my time?


Rather than a single shoe, why not just give each guest a 5 pound weight to hold whilst staying at the hotel.

An idea that good should go in the brochure.


"Only Five Pounds per Night!"


"The Gruaniad hyperventilates"

Crikey. The signatories are a who's who of leftist fuckwittery.


"...generally gives straight answers."

Oh, the HORROR!


Related there is an upside down Greek temple building in Orlando. Sadly, it was intentionally built that way by humans, not set there by Athena herself.



What did they do in Pisa?

For the strategically-minded they should just leave it exactly as it is....In five hundred years they'll corner the toursit market in that part of the world.


Ahh fukkit...."tourist".


Thick carpet is a homeowner fix. Self leveling floor compound, however, will work. I estimate 72,000 gallons should do the trick.

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