Embrace Bonkersness
They’re Boneless, Which is Nice

Friday Ephemera

Know your double. From teleporter malfunctions and busty avatars to future selves and vestigial twins. // For those who like to look down. // Probe the uncanny with Dimension X radio dramas. // Incoming fog. // Forests, woods and creeks. // “Orchestral movements from the ‘hood.” // Cylon and Garfunkel. // Laser dentistry. // Dishwasher interior. // An unusual dog. // “The mild cigar from Benson & Hedges.” I remember the one with the toupée. // The magnetic cello is neat but somewhat lacking in nuance. // Wedding photos of note. // “No maintenance” plants in sealed jars. // BatDad. // Belleville rendezvous. // I want one and so do you. // Boosted big-eyed butterflies. // I think there’s a little something on your hand.