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Friday Ephemera

Erotic bouncy castle. // Baby hedgehog attempts to eat human. // The most northern city in the world seen from above. // The shorter, less silent Nosferatu. // “Fall asleep with Teddy Love after he is done pleasuring you with his powerful vibrations.” // Ice cave and flare. // When George R. R. Martin wrote a fan letter to Marvel. // A map of real-time lightning strikes. // It’s called style, you peasants. // Pointless websites. // Android newsreaders not quite perfected. // Pizza. // Wooden houseplants. // Wobbling whiskey glasses. // Waging war from the air, 1918. // The origins of science fiction terms, from death rays to tractor beams. // Clever bird. (h/t, Kate) // Because casting is everything. // And everything is racism



EnglishRussia site tries to run a Java app. Be careful out there.


Casting is everything: Paul Henreid as “Doctor Doom”

Excellent! Did he have the band play "Le Mayonnaise"?


Because casting is everything.

I want it to be real.


I want it to be real.

It’s a labour of love-slash-borderline-madness. The person responsible obviously had some time to kill. But I do like the idea of Elizabeth Montgomery facing off against Burgess Meredith. And of course this.


Erotic bouncy castle.

"for audiences to enjoy and experience while they contemplate the sexual subtext of carnivals."



I like Norilsk. Its the world's first town built entirely out of Lego.


Teddylove and those Japanese android makers might consider cooperating:


Steve 2: Steveageddon

I don't want to come over all Judge Judy and Executioner here, but:

Our product, Teddy Love, is a unique, discreet, and lovable adult Teddy Bear. Teddy has a robust, 10-speed motor housed in the muzzle. The result is a strong vibration in both the nose and tongue of the bear. The nose stimulates the clitoris and the tongue penetrates the vagina. The controls are located in Teddy’s ears for easy and convenient control. Teddy Love is versatile, unique, cuddly and pleasurable.

Every single woman who buys one of these deserves to be eaten by lions.

Same goes for men with fleshlights, fans of Japanese body pillows, and anybody who has ever willingly had sex with The Krankies.

Sex slave Teddy Ruxpin is what happens when a civilisation becomes degenerate on account of not enough people being devoured by magnificent big cats.

Fire up the Coliseum. We've got a lot of lioning to do.


And on that day lioning became a verb.


Have you ever seen someone walking through an airport, in a restaurant, or through a place of business, with a large adult toy visibly protruding from a handbag or briefcase?

Err … no. Zero times.

Is that like a thing?


Erotic bouncy castle.

Can these be made to order? I'm asking for a friend.



My, My.

After the local festivities on Saturday, that and a 12 pack of coca-cola is going to be dinner, before I pass out and then do Sunday's festivities . . .

Wobbling whiskey glasses.

Clearly an important business accessory


Sex slave Teddy Ruxpin is what happens . . .

Did any of y'all ever read about the singing Milli Vanilli doll? You pull the chain and out comes the voice of Teddy Ruxpin.


Have you ever seen someone walking through an airport, in a restaurant, or through a place of business, with a large adult toy visibly protruding from a handbag or briefcase?

No, but there's this.


Meanwhile, in other exploding toilet news:

Flushmate has received 304 reports of the product exploding, which has resulted in both property damage and 14 impact or laceration injuries.

Be careful out there, people.


304 reports with 2.3m units in operation = 0.13% reported failure rate. 14 injuries = 0.0000004% injury rate.

Am I on the autistic spectrum? Or do I need a better personal injury lawyer?


Be careful out there, people.

This blog is now my go-to place for exploding toilet news. Stay vigilant, David.


This blog is now my go-to place for exploding toilet news.

I can think of no higher praise.


Hello from Typepad!


Hello from Typepad (again!)


It's my go-to place to view Marilyn's Hellos from Typepad.


Heh. Marilyn’s trying to fix a minor glitch with comment notifications, hence the test messages and temporary change of format.

Spiny Norman

I rather like this comment format, although I think the text indent is bit excessive.


Suddenly all the web sites think my native language is French.

L'URL demandée est introuvable sur ce serveur for the 404 error.

I've been running into localized text both at home and at work. I wonder what happened?

John D

And of course this.

It's already better than the last Fantastic Four film.

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