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June 06, 2014



A fantastic Ephermera, David.

And yes, the octopus naturally wins.

Mr Potarto

To make your own slippers, simply dip your bare foot into 300 degree molten PVC and then wait a few minutes before striding off on your blistered stumps.


Fondue slippers.

That's one big fetish waiting to happen.


That’s one big fetish waiting to happen.

On the upside, they are easy to rinse out.

Some people like that in a slipper.


"13-year-old boy charged as adult due to big penis."


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Greenpeace wasn't there to try to save this baby seal; a hunter was

(Sorry, the story has no video.)

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Speaking of fondue, this vintage story, involving a fondue pot and American football players, never fails to make me laugh:

Jags' Hanson, Holmes OK after fondue accident

A slippery fondue pot, of all things, landed two Jaguars in the emergency room this month.

In what he described as "a truly freak accident," Jaguars punter Chris Hanson, his wife and teammate Jaret Holmes were severely burned by the ingredients three weeks ago when a fondue pot overturned on the floor of Hanson's Jacksonville home.

Kevin B

Some more modern chinese trousers.


Oldest known trousers found in China.

My wife would disagree and point to my wardrobe.


The dialogue from Star Wars, sorted alphabetically.

A lot of it actually sounds better that way.

And finally, I suspect this is an excuse for being tight.

Does 'Minnow' tip?




Sarcasm detector compatible with IE8?
Detectible sarcasm right there, methinks.


I couldn't haver read it correctly but I think the Seamless Ice Ball Maker sells for over a thousand dollars.

That can't be right, I'm going back.

Yep, the 75mm ice ball maker, with tax and shipping, will set you back $1,452.00. Does make a nice ice sphere though.

Jake Haye

1m 10s into the Soylent video, my suspicions were confirmed:

We know what we're made of, and that's what Soylent is.

Gave the game away right there.

Spiny Norman

Apparently it's a real thing, Jake, without irony. I'm boggled.

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