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June 04, 2014



"Ah so."


“Ah so.”

Yes, I suspect there’d be letters about that today. Or at least heated tweets.


Peggy Lee sings 'Black Coffee'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3dgaBjvWfI


Nice. Though I think I prefer the Julie London version.


I'm feeling out of the loop. What is "Ah so" — or shouldn't I ask?

Here's Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman with 'Why Don't You Do Right' in 1941. (Apologies to those who know it already.) I could watch this all day.



I'm feeling out of the loop. What is "Ah so"

A stereotypical Asian way to say "yes," no doubt featured in Charlie Chan movies and other instances where the foreigner uses his language only to say words that he'd have learned FIRST in English.

Yes, No, Please, Thanks, Hello, Goodbye — those are the first things you learn in a foreign tongue, so to demonstrate that Poirot is a native French speaker, he fails to use those very words in English, when in reality it's the more complicated locutions that he'd stumble over.

Yes, I know. It's for the audience, who knows what Merci and Adieu mean. It's still lame.


I'd also like to cite that loathsome Disney depiction of cats as EXHIBIT A for why we need Felinism! #YesAllCats


I'm feeling out of the loop. What is "Ah so"

A stereotypical Asian way to say "yes,"

Actually it's only loosely stereotypical in that it is actually Japanese for something like I See, or That is so, rather than being fake generic Asian.

Use it myself on occasions, but then in my area not only are there are a lot of Japanese and Americans with Japanese DNA, but a friend in the latter category has stated that he considers me to be Japanese, and my DNA is Scottish, Scottish, Scottish, British isles mutt . . . . .


Lady & the Tramp was a favorite movie of my childhood ... and I wanted to grow up to be either Peggy Lee or Honey West.



here's the Jessica Rabbit cover:



Darleen — see, that's just too darn sultry for me. By my reckoning Jessica Rabbit over-eggs it by at least two dozen eggs. Whereas the Peggy Lee version works precisely because it's so understated.

Spiny Norman

I like this version with her husband's band best, she's plenty sultry, without overdoing it.


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