The Crushing Patriarchy, Sporting Edition
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R. Sherman

International Buffalo Bodypainting Festival.

Some of the competitors are from other countries such as Laos, Vietnam, New Zealand, Finland and Germany.

I looked at the results. It would appear that England was knocked out of the group stage.


Some of them don't look bad.

Not great, but not bad.


But not for the dairy.


You can buy buffalo milk.

Barb the Evil Genius

I can't believe no one's cried animal abuse. I mean, that artwork is scary.

sackcloth and ashes

Far more creative than anything you'll see at the Tate.


First, presumably, catch your buffalo?

Of course, as they are domestic waterbuffalo, not so hard. I'd love to see them try it with Synoceras caffer...


I like them.



I hear that from next year they are going to join forces with the International Buffalo Weave and Hair Extension Festival.

That will truly be a sight to behold.

The Liverpool International Conference Centre has already been booked.


the International Buffalo Weave and Hair Extension Festival.

[ Sits back, applauds. ]


[ Sits back, applauds. ]


Rich Rostrom

I think it's cool.

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