Reheated (39)

Friday Ephemera

South Korea’s charming and subtle penis restaurant. // Pocket picnic blanket. // An Alien production scrapbook. // “Austerity” and “spending cuts.” // Spot the cuttlefish. // Cars with propellers. // Standing stones. // “The sexiest baritone hunks from opera.” Your mileage may vary. // Tree tents. // “One and you lose your reason; two and you’re on your knees.” // The smartphone case you’ve always wanted. // Why parents rarely want their children to be artists, part 9. // Death metal construction worker. // Making scissors. // Mechanical elephants and other projects. // Small magnet with big oomph. // Clay food miniatures. // Tiny burritos. (h/t, Ian Fleming) // Paper microbes. // And finally, we must de-beef the machine.