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July 15, 2014



Vaginal weight-lifting.


I'm just impressed there are now several entries tagged "giant vaginas".

John D

More "austerity"...




Why? What the hell did I do?

I should warn you, I know Kung Fu. Along with several other scary words.


And by all means use the comments to share links and snippets of your own. Go on, pretend to be me.

Must I do everything myself?

Find mojo and hurry back.


"I'm just impressed there are now several entries tagged "giant vaginas".

Well, if nothing else, that'll ensure this is considered to be a political blog... ;)

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Damn vagina kayaks.

To the penis boats, men! For Patriarchy!


Have a good break David. You, your blog and the comments always give me a smile.



Simen Thoresen

Auntie Angel teaches safe grapefruiting;

This also teaches, by example, where not to place a lapel-mike when performing oral-sex.



where not to place a lapel-mike when performing oral-sex.

Oh my. It’s the full-throated sound of Satanic pleasuring.

Simen Thoresen

....and in other news;

My day improves.



and in other news;

So cartoonish black women who behave like bad drag acts are being imitated by equally cartoonish camp gay honkies? Well, mercy me.

No, I mustn’t. I’m on holiday. I’m supposed to play outside.


"Interesting that TV owners have no right to withhold payment to employees of the Beeb, but the employers have the right to withhold their labour."


Lancastrian Oik

That Wired article.

Some of those objects do remind one of "violent looking stools".


I'll never walk past the fruit aisle in the same way again.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

So cartoonish black women who behave like bad drag acts are being imitated by equally cartoonish camp gay honkies? Well, mercy me.

Your comment made me think the post was going to be about RuPaul.


Damn vagina kayaks.

To the penis boats, men! For Patriarchy!

Man the torpedoes!


"Her constituency, she says, is the underclass – gay and transgender people, goths, sex workers, rioters, anarchists – arguably the people with the most to lose from the neoliberalist agenda. And, with targets such as "the sterile, the sexist and the crashingly heteronormative," she doesn't just want to build a girl, she wants to dismantle binary gender codes."


Where's our host when you need him?

carbon based lifeform

Goths and anarchists are the underclass? Laurie has much to teach us.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Jimmy - That's the spirit! It's time we relaunched G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS).

I'm the Dictator-for-life, and my kitty is First Tiger.

rjmadden - I love you.

There's been a Laurie Penny shaped hole in my heart, especially since David went on shore leave to Risa, and you have just filled that spiky little void with her latest penny-ante antics.

Laurie Penny: she wants to dismantle binary gender codes.

And she's doing it by wearing a fedora. Take THAT, Patriarchy!

Normally there are only two types of people who are allowed to wear fedoras:

1) hardboiled 1930's gumshoes with a .38 and a bottle of bootleg hooch in their desk

2) actors on "Mad Men"

But thanks to Laurie we can add:

3) Old Brightonians who live in Islington but think poor is cool, yeah? And who want to dismantle binary gender codes but also hope you "like" their selfies.

In the past, she's documented her battle with anorexia, her time as a burlesque dancer, her rape at 19 by a "well respected" older man.

Laurie Penny is an irrepressible fabulist who will likely end up committing Johann Hari-Kiri when her amazing tales catch up with her.

Such as her story about being "raped" - naturally, she didn't go to the police and won't name the evil rapist. So either our brave feminist is content to allow a rapist to roam free and victimise other women, or it never happened. You be the judge!

At times, the book is one long roar of pain. Biology can be a "catastrophe" for women.

Damn you, biology!!!

Work has been re-purposed as women's liberation but so often it traps us, as exhausted drones, in a "gilded fairytale cage".

At the age of nearly 30, Laurie has discovered that work isn't about sexy female empowerment fantasies like on Ally McBeal.

Penny is very good on the people at the margins – single mothers, the low paid, the overweight

Have you made poor life choices? Did you bunk off school instead of learning how to read? Have you crammed so many cheeseburgers into your mouth that your body now resembles a partially deflated dirigible? Well-paid, skinny, childless Laurie is here to patronise you by telling you it's not your fault.

They did it. The... corporations... or the Tories... or something.

and rightly outraged that the white career woman's burden (not enough shoes!) takes precedence in so much media coverage.

Privileged skinny white girl pretends to be outraged at privileged skinny white girls. Lulz.

The Twitter backlash, in which prominent women have been threatened with violence and rape, is dismaying for those who originally saw the internet as the great force to liberate us from gender.

What's dismaying - for those of us who've been using the internet since Laurie was a seven year old posh schoolgirl - is how a medium that was once an anarchic geeky paradise has been colonised by SJW idiots spreading their trigger warnings and fail all over the web. GET OFF MY INTERNET, PUNK KIDS!

Penny is also frank about the joys of cybersex.

Bear that in mind the next time some guy in a fedora pesters you for "sex" online. It might be Laurie Penny.


Scene: a small cabin in the wilds of Northern California.
(sound: wolf howl)

mojo: Hah! He'll never find me here!

(peers nervously out venetian blinds)


Scene: a small cabin in the wilds of Northern California.

Oh, you're near SF too? Proverbial small world.

(sound: wolf howl)

Instead of just a mention that one usually hears in passing once or so a week, Bart this morning had two announcements from the train driver, in the space of two stops and five minutes, reminding that Bart does greatly support the US Federal requirements that service animals for the disabled are indeed very welcome on Bart, and that all other animals are, at all times, indeed a form of cargo.

While I didn't see the act of idiocy that triggered the two reminders, unfortunately I rather suspect that the idiot in question prolly never even heard either announcement over the noise being piped in through the cell phone headset, and prolly would still have to have the announcement translated from English to something comprehensible to an entity that flunked EFL---English as a _First_ Language:

Attention hipster: While Bart is indeed quite aware that you are a hipster and thus embody being culturally and socially disabled, that condition does not mean that your large dog is a disabled assistance animal. What your condition merely means is that you are idiotic enough to bring a large dog onto a commuter train that is rather packed with commuters and of course everyone is reacting appropriately. In turn, of course we have no problems with someone who is blind or has some other genuine disability and is accompanied by a dog who is very clearly a disable assistance animal, who has very clearly been trained for situation such as crowded commuter trains . . . . . . . .

Yes, I’m referring to a disabled assistance animal as a who. Hipsters, of course, are indeed labeled as which and that.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Hal - So I heard you like hipsters...


To my everlasting shame, I did accidentally buy a pair of skinny jeans a couple of years ago. My wife told me "skinny" was the size. I think she was deliberately trying to make me look silly.


Hal - So I heard you like hipsters...

Eeeeehhhhnnnn. It's not so much like or dislike as note the ongoing reality. A single hipster can provide a moment of amusement for an adult, and then once more of them congeal, then they matter-of-factly become merely an exercise in herding.

---Imagine if we had at least 15 Minnows popping in and out of here on a regular basis, or if Laurie Penny or Thomas Sowell were regularly posting in here as well. Hence the collective noun for pretentious gits being a debacle, a congeal, a fiasco.


. . . of course the problem with that is that it dates back to oh, 'bout three weeks ago, albeit granting that being totally behind all the adults is what hipsters do anyway.

Yeah, yeah, I have some connection to the author being quoted, and allow me to point out that hipster is only the latest fad title for clueless and pretentious git, where the type goes back decades . . .


Longer than that. See: Sport

Simen Thoresen

Joys of tiny pets. Today, Slimemolds.

And as everything human, it turns into talk of 'collectives' and 'communicating' and 'art'.

Still, Friday.


Simen Thoresen

Desperately seeking offense...

“Kaffir” is a slur: In apartheid South Africa, whites hurled it against blacks.
Yet kaffir lime is an exotic and delicious ingredient, increasingly prominent in spirits and on menus. Veronica Vinje, a Canadian who started the campaign after learning of the word’s hurtfulness from a graduate-school classmate, used the Twitter account @KaffirNoMore to document the lime’s presence in the work of brewers, chefs and bartenders and to ask them to change.

And, there is more too.

A giant lit-up sign advertising “Dagos and Liquor.” I blinked, sure I was seeing this wrong, and drove around the other side. The sign there was even bigger: “Homemade Dagos,” it emphasized cheerfully. “Burgers. Soups. Cocktails.”
" ...and so on.



Speaking of blows...I think we have a winner that trumps all conspiracy theories I can think of. All the people on the Malaysian airline shot down over Ukraine were already dead.


Perhaps this guy got hold of a bad translation of the Flying Dutchman legend?


I think we have a winner . . . .

Oh, Really . . . . .

The best I came up with was to note---Very much in passing, right after the first news reports---that with reports stating the plane was shot down from 33K feet, and with commencial flight path information available through Google, et al, A) that wasn't some accidental Oops, we thought that was military, and B) the particular flight and airline was targeted _as_ as repeat of the last missing Malaysian Airlines plane, just to pull attention to the area, to the Ukraine/Russian dispute . . . . . . .


Well, I am still waiting for someone "responsible" to blame the Jews. You know, to distract from Gaza. It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though we do have a Hahvahd professor blaming US foreign policy. It's a stretch but he may be right. Just not in the way he thinks he is.


But I still think the Flying Dutchman theory is a winner.

Spiny Norman


Well, I am still waiting for someone "responsible" to blame the Jews. You know, to distract from Gaza.

Doesn't that sort of nonsense automatically preclude "responsible"?

Well, the Twittersphere is abuzz.

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