Well, Soil is Sort of Brown
Let’s Put the Children in Charge

Friday Ephemera

The word, I think, is incongruous. // Incredibox, version 3. // The abbreviated Jaws. // The bedside barista. // Life in Banff, Canada, 1950s. (h/t, Coudal) // Your wife wants you to have these state-of-the-art jumping stilts. // What a plane crash feels like. // Watch the horizon. // Service with a snout. // Saturn. // AirType. // At last, an ice-cream that changes colour as you eat it. // A museum of endangered sounds. // Eighteen minutes of Brown. // Gay men draw vaginas. // Vax, a game about contagion. // Shinjuku. // “The skill of gymnastics, the kill of karate.” // Dioramas of note. // What the devil does. // What Bear McCreary does. // Captain Kirk versus the doomsday machine, 1967. Will that damn transporter work in time?