Spider-Man’s Unwell Cousin
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Friday Ephemera

100 ways to attack the groin. // Village People gyrate sans backing track. // Autonomous bins and other features of future living. // His levitating wiener. // Squishy robots with “tunable stiffness structures.” // Cardboard steampunk machines. // Parasites. // A project for the weekend. // Tractor beam made of water. // Underwater vortices. // You have to wonder how this happened. // Wait, I put it in my mouth and… what? // How high? This high. // “He had a tooth growing in his nose.” // Free noir films. Orson, Bogie and Johnny Cash. // A tortoise penis is a thing to behold. // A giant turtle made of scrap. // Calculating the Doctor’s face. // And finally, the formula for pretty much every episode of Murder, She Wrote