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August 28, 2014



You're welcome, David. Have a drink or two on me and the missus.


say, by things like this,

I missed that one. :-D

*hits tip jar*

Lancastrian Oik

*hits tip jar*

The bastards aren't going to go away anytime soon, so we need you to keep on keeping on.


*Donates to barge flotation fund.*


Okay I will. But only because you introduced me to The Great Symbolic Bench.

Jeff Guinn

Is there a way to make jar-clangers periodic?


Thanks to all who’ve chipped in so far, including those much too shy to comment. As I’ve said before, it makes a big difference to how much time I can spend writing and finding content and generally gassing with you lot. It’s much appreciated.

Is there a way to make jar-clangers periodic?

If that’s an option people would like, I could generate a new PayPal button for subscriptions. Though it may be the weekend before I get a chance to do it.


I liked it better when you relied on the kidneys of strangers.

just sayin'


Quiz: Racist or funny?

I just found out that the Japanese term for "download" is ダウンロード, which transliterates to "daunrōdo" and "filter" is フィルタ, which transliterates to "firuta".

Where English has an L, Japanese replaces it with an R.

As per the stereotype.



It gets better:

Help Files = ヘルプファイル, "herupu fairu"

I don't know how they expect us to remain sensitive in the face of this.



Stock variety goes to the office businessman, in Japanese.

Been the standard, for decades. . . . .



I just remembered something from working in a bookstore a bit back . . . A coworker, somewhat more curious than anything else, pointed me at a sign and asked me if the sign was racist.

Confucius says: [some phrase I don't remember]

I pointed out that the sign was perfectly fine, it was just a cultural reference. If the sign read Confucius say, that occurrence is different.

Likewise, in a culture where the centuries old and established local language just does not have or use the letter L and its associated sounds, the old and established Japanese word for businessman is sarariman . . . . . . .

So if some useless git decides that people very naturally swapping ares for elles could be a point of humor, yes, the git is a git, and just as likewise, if some twit notes what the git is doing, and decides that all such instances of swapping ares for elles must be glossed over, then only that unthinking twit will try claiming the word is salaryman, where in the ocurrence of that claim, that occurrence is different

Jeff Guinn

If that’s an option people would like, I could generate a new PayPal button for subscriptions.

I, for one, would. I believe in paying for valuable content. A subscription option means I don't have to remember when I last sent your jar reeling.

Full disclosure: I am nearing 60. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be a victim of any, ahem, elderly issues.


>> *Donates to barge flotation fund.* <<


A thought given the recurring observance around here of twit traffic--err twitter traffic . . . .

Barack Obama's tan suit distracts Twitter
Newsday - ‎3 hours ago‎

. . . . Since when did twitter ever manage enough focus to then encounter something that distracts?!?!?!!!!


So is your US amazon part of the amazon smiles program, or something separate? Currently I'm contributing to the David Horowitz fund through smiles, but I could switch it you.


So is your US amazon part of the amazon smiles program…?

No, I think that’s only for registered charities.


"Again, thanks for the support..."

Dash it all, I gave you a Penny last Michaelmas Eve and now you're back for more. Alright, here's another Penny - now clear orf before I call a Constable.


Done. Along with that sick squid that didn't seem to make it through a couple months ago.


Have a nice red on me. :-)


Me, I vote "funny" as to the Rs for Ls.

Granted they can't do otherwise, as their only liquid consonant is R.

But I figure that when it comes to cross-linguistic collisions, all's fair. No doubt every country on the planet has jokes about the way gringos and other foreigners slaughter their languages.

Might as well file all the instances under "good-natured ribbing," keep it light, and accept that this is a great way to crack each other up on an international level.



Is there a way to make jar-clangers periodic?

Okay, I’ve added a monthly subscription button as an alternative to one-off donations (top left, below the standard PayPal button). You can select an amount from the drop-down menu. Feel free to give it a whirl.


The wife liked the otter in this week's Ephemera...

*chink in tip jar*


As long as we're making fun of le lingue:

How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages


< delurks >
*hits tip jar*
< lurks >


Happy to.


Thanks for a great blog, David. I've put some encouragement in your tip jar.

Watcher in the dark

Off topic, but fun to see how people work things out



fun to see how people work things out

Oh my.


fun to see how people work things out


Tip jar rattled David. By the way, your blog is the

content I've ever paid for online. Please keep it up.


Hmmm, appeared to have used an incorrect HTML tag. Meant to be underlined.


Re working things out...

I only had patience for a minute 25 of that. The smoke rising up may have been an indicator, but can someone tell me how it ends?

John Holland

I've subscribed.

(About bloody time too. Been freeloading from your minibar too damn long. Oh, and you're out of pretzels.)


[ Rings tiny silver bell, summons pretzel boy. ]

Jeff Guinn



Tip jar hit. Keep up the good work.


Paypalled. Thanks for some great blogging.

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