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From Japan’s Teramoto Corporation, a thrilling breakthrough in dog behaviour management

Maintain your dog's dignity at all times.

“It shapes winsomely and is not intimidating.” There’s a pdf, a gallery and a video. Via sk60. 


Meanwhile, the equally Japanese Thanko Corporation has addressed another burning issue of our age. Specifically, they’ve developed a rubber thumb extender to facilitate optimal one-handed use of larger smartphones

Big screens need big thumbs. It's basic science.

There is of course a video showing the product in use. Via Laughing Squid



How to make your dog hate you for ever; lesson one.


They also make KnobLock.


Account Deleted

Even more humiliating than putingt actual clothes on a dog!


Though you can always add a nice jaunty hat.


a rubber thumb extender to facilitate optimal one-handed use of larger smartphones.

Also hitch-hiking.


The woman in the thumb advert has very bendy arms. Is it a phone-related injury?

Paul Nottingham

My staffy cross would like to discuss the ethics of putting "cute" muzzles on dogs with the designer.

Watcher In The Dark

Curiously unhappy looking ducks.

I mean dogs.

Furor Teutonicus

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it will probably STILL bite the postman.


a rubber thumb extender to facilitate optimal one-handed use of larger smartphones.

But does it stop the new iPhone bending?



Gruaniad hits peak stupid.


But does it stop the new iPhone bending?

It was remarkable how quickly that became a thing. I kept spotting YouTube videos of people trying to destroy quite expensive phones, presumably their own. Lots of grunting and creaking… sometimes followed by “Oh dear, it does bend if you really, really try.” Inevitably, people then started trying to bend phones from the Stone Age. And you can now buy 3D-printed pre-bent iPhone cases to match your misshaped phone.


a rubber thumb extender to facilitate optimal one-handed use of larger smartphones.

"Peace of mind even when it is dry."

Lancastrian Oik

Which reminds me:

A duck goes into his local chemists and asks for a tube of lip salve.

"Certainly, sir", says the pharmacist. "How would you like to pay for that?"

"Oh, just put it on my bill please".


"Gruaniad hits peak stupid."

Never. Nuh uh.

Lancastrian Oik

"Gruaniad hits peak stupid."

Seemed more like "Grauniad does whimsy fail" to me. The Left just can't do humour, and I think articles like that and the continuing existence of Dave Gorman are sufficient proof.

(I know, I know- that duck joke is rubbish and not even mine, but neither am I getting paid for it).

the wolf

Duck walks into a clothing store, waddles to the counter and asks the proprieter, "Hey, you got any duck food?"
"Of course not, this is a clothing store?"
The duck returns the next day, up to the counter..."You got any duck food?"
"No! I told you yesterday, I don't have any duck food!"
This scenario repeats for several days. Finally, the store owner has had enough.
"If you come in here one more time looking for duck food, I'm going to nail you to the wall!"
Duck returns the following day. "Got any nails?"
"No, this is a clothing store, you idiot!"
"Great, got any duck food?"


A priest, a rabbi, and a minister follow a duck into a bar.

The bartender asks; What is this, a joke?!?!?

Lancastrian Oik


You were nice to me.

What happened?


A man and his friend were driving along a country road at night and they hit a rabbit- GDONK! (that's a sound effect, by the way).

"Oh God, no", said the passenger.

"Just wait" said the driver.

He went to the boot/trunk, and retrieved a small phial of clear liquid and put a few drops into the animal's gasping mouth.

Within a few seconds, the creature recovered and bounded over a fence into a field. It paused, shook a paw at them and ran a few feet before repeating its actions; then it did it again, and again before jumping over a hedge and disappearing into the surrounding woods.

"My God," said the passenger. "What's in the bottle?"

The driver said....

Wait for it......

"Hair restorer- with a permanent wave"


Sounds like the story of the plains Indian chieftain whose tribe members were a bit on the aggressive side, where unfortunately they kept being rather extremely noisy about it, instead of more properly quietly going about being The Best. Over and over and over, someone would be waving his ceremonially decorated branch about---no a different one---bragging about how important and successful he is in combat . . . which is a pain in the ass in daylight, but these guys were doing that at two, three, four in the morning.

Finally, middle of the night, Again, the chieftain comes marching out of his tipi and into the midst of the noisiest offenders, grabs this branch, that stick, embarrasses the hell out of the next guy, gets the one after him too, and finally heads back into his tipi with an double armload of trophies. There really isn't any room on the ground in there, so instead of dumping them on the floor, he hangs 'em up overhead in the tipi, and goes back to bed.

Outside, the Great Warriors are left watching the rest of the tribe rocking back and forth---silently---laughing their heads off, with the G.W. having absolutely nothing they can say, and thus finally everything is actually quiet for a change.

In the meantime, while the chieftain had no particular intention of doing so, he wound up being noted as the first person in history to achieve silence by installing a coup stick ceiling.


Gee, a shaggy dog story AND a horrid pun!

I may have to track you down.


Oh, no, no, no, as everyone knows, regarding the highest form of humor, there's no such thing as a horrid pun, only the occasional feeble one . . . .

Account Deleted

That rubber thumb product seems rather useful to have, even if it looks foolish/silly/trite. As for strange, bizarre, Japanese inventions, well......



The unwieldy monstrous phone and unwieldy monstrous fake thumb combo, for when getting a less fashionable phone of the right size is unbearable.


I think Kevin wins the thread with the massive erotic radishes.


I'm informed that the Chinese---or at least the Chinese Government---has just beaten the Japanese at surreal.

10,000 pigeons go through anal security check for suspicious objects Tue, ready to be released on National Day on Wed


The Russians invented the theramin and the japanese re-invented it into a sexual raddish. It does say alot about cultures.


Literally translated, it's a "sexual harassment interface".
That doesn't make me worry less.


Oh yes, and we have a belated note regarding A priest, a rabbi, and a minister . . .

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