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September 16, 2014



The EnergyPod comes with a hemispherical privacy visor “for additional seclusion,” an adjustable timer, and speakers, from which you’ll hear “specially devised rhythms to facilitate relaxation.”

Reminds me of an episode of Deep Space Nine.



Heh. The chamber that defended against the menace of “cellular ennui.” That was one of the funnier episodes.


What's the betting that it'll primarily be used for non-sleep horizontal activities?


What’s the betting that it’ll primarily be used for non-sleep horizontal activities?

A bit cramped, surely? And I fear there might be some stability issues.


So that's what the disinfectant wipes are for.


This chap demonstrates the four basic modes of student concentration. While others have mastered the more advanced ‘support-head-with-litter-bin’ method.

Sam Duncan

Naps? What is it, a University or a kindergarten?


What Sam said, word for word. Do some people have no self-respect at all?

R. Sherman

Well, what can you expect when these young people are forced to listen to soporific lectures in Womyn's Studies. Better to attend this institution of higher learning.

Disclosure: As a parent, there's nothing better than hearing one's offspring declare, "I'm majoring in blowing shit up."


Haven't universities infantilized them enough?


In unrelated news, students demonstrate against high tuition fees and college administrators tearfully plead extreme poverty.


In unrelated news, students demonstrate against high tuition fees and college administrators tearfully plead extreme poverty.

This seems relevant.


Heh...I originally read that as "But does it massage the bollocks?" Hmm...


That would cost extra.

Watcher In The Dark

It's silly throwing away books (even disposable books, though aren't they all?) when with imagination you can arrange a pile of tomes into an interesting bed shape and sleep on that. It may not be comfortable but the symbolism is awesome.

Michael McCallion

My goodness what more does the offspring of the entitled need? Oh! I see this is reverse social justice the entitled need to long as much as the people who do not seek any education.

Michael McCallion

Whoops; previous shouldn't read long. Lounge


Back in the day, "vibrating nap machines" were known at cats.





David Gillies

Making sure the students have an afternoon nap is important, otherwise they tend to become fractious and act up later. But getting them to put their toys back in the hamper before settling down with their binkies is a nightmare. And you can't let them sleep too long, or getting them down at night is impossible.



Good grief, is there nothing in this world about which Noam Chomsky does not feel himself qualified to make the most grandiose and sweeping statements?

I mean it's one thing to have a personal opinion; surely quite another to make statements like this one:

    Europe [1] was the most savage place in the world [2] for centuries [3], while the nation state system was being imposed [4]

[1] Does he mean the Europe which emerged out of the Roman empire or Europe from Russia to Spain? What about Turkey?

[2] 'most savage' by what measure? Compared to who? Ghenghis Khan?

[3] Which ones? Which centuries?

[4] Imposed by whom? And in order to impose it, wouldn't they have had to have a plan of some kind so that they knew what it was that was being imposed? And what was that plan and just who was it who drew it up?


More here for the curious. He's talking about Scottish independence, incidentally.

Not as much fun as 2048.

Horace Dunn


I suspect that you've seen this already, but just in case:


It contains the usual Guardian stuff about how the "super rich" are getting richer and inequality is "spiralling out of control". Except that this time, they present us with actual scientific evidence that proves that people whose political outlook differs from their own are hateful and wicked.

If you haven't already, have a read. It's a peach.


Back in the day, "vibrating nap machines" were known at cats.

I'm still not sure how you can expect someone to take a cat nap without a cat.

Hence the one I've got.

Paul Moore

Will the energy pod be equipped with embedded subliminal messaging?



I suspect that you’ve seen this already,

I hadn’t, but Mr Dorling is up there with Polly Toynbee and the NEF when it comes to arithmetical errors, misused terms and mangled statistics. If memory serves, he once claimed that variation in IQ wasn’t natural, or real, or something to that effect. From what I can make out, he seems to resent the fact that some of the customary professions of Guardian readers aren’t as “1%” as he’d like. Including, presumably, “social geographers” and other comedy academics who struggle with numbers and don’t quite understand the terms they throw about.

Tim Worstall has had quite a few pops at Mr Dorling over the years.


If $13,000 vibrating nap machines sound a tad indulgent, it’s worth bearing in mind that the University of Michigan was noted here previously for hiking tuition, pledging fiscal responsibility, then spending $400,000 to relocate one tree.

"tuition, fees and living expense for a 4 year bachelor's degree at University of Michigan Ann Arbor is $96,744"




The Lurker on the Threshold

$13,000 vibrating nap machines

Good God! In my days at Uni if you wanted a nap then you went to a lecture.


In my days at Uni if you wanted a nap then you went to a lecture.

Fear not. That proud tradition lives on.


World Rankings Show What Really Matters To Universities - And It Isn't Students

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