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September 26, 2014



First! (I've waited so long ...)


National Geographic headline: "More diversity among bird-watchers is in everyone's best interest."

Translation: "This is a non-problem that no one cares about."

Account Deleted

I didn't know anyone who ever sexualised Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, not even in the later installments.

Also, the Guardian is having a field day with this so much, they've already posted their 5th article with their usual over the top dramatics, panicking about sexist men and the patriarchy. It's Miley Cyrus all over again.


First! (I’ve waited so long...)

Only just, mind.

“This is a non-problem that no one cares about.”

They do seem to be trying to build an issue out of dust motes.


"What happened to the environment the last time people with radically anti-capitalist views had access to real power?"


Andrew Duffin

She's a child, we should cut her some slack.

The real villains are the fashionable fools who let her speak in such as way at such an assembly.

They are the people who deserve our contempt and ire.

R. Sherman

What do we expect from the Grievance Industrial Complex? Most of us would conclude that that the "War Against Racism" has pretty much been won, when all you can fret about is bird-watcher demographics.

Ditto Emma Watson and being called "bossy." As for being "sexualised," perhaps the 4 inch high heels and revealing dresses she wore had something to do with that. But then, I always rush to blame the "victim," especially those victims who have earned more before they've attained the age of thirty, than the GDP of any number of small countries.


That's The Man for you, keeping down the bird-fancying brothers..


"If I were king for a day, I would ban Coca-Cola."


Those good old Labour values, eh?


Those good old Labour values, eh?

He claims that Coca-Cola doesn’t quench a person’s thirst. Ever. Even briefly. Under any circumstances.


Emma Watson is a good actress (which, of course, doesn't mean she's necessarily good at anything else) and, to be fair, she means well, “not all women have received the same rights I have.” How true.


DT blog favorite Laurie Penny will be speaking this evening at a bookstore in town. Any suggestions from the League of Evil?


Freeze ray or lions. Either should spare you from Laurie’s “searing political analysis.”


DT blog favorite Laurie Penny will be speaking this evening at a bookstore in town. Any suggestions from the League of Evil?

Yes Franklin: You and everyone you know must attend while very actively and openly portraying Henry Higgins.


THE BYSTANDER [to the girl] You be careful: give him a flower for it. Theres a bloke here behind taking down every blessed word youre saying. [All turn to the man who is taking notes].

THE FLOWER GIRL [springing up terrified] I aint done nothing wrong by speaking to the gentleman. Ive a right to sell flowers if I keep off the kerb. [Hysterically] I'm a respectable girl: so help me, I never spoke to him except to ask him to buy a flower off me.

Oh, sir, dont let him charge me. You dunno what it means to me. Theyll take away my character and drive me on the streets for speaking to gentlemen. They— 55

THE NOTE TAKER [coming forward on her right, the rest crowding after him] There, there, there, there! whos hurting you, you silly girl? What do you take me for?

THE BYSTANDER. It's all right: hes a gentleman: look at his boots.

THE FLOWER GIRL [still hysterical] I take my Bible oath I never said a word— 60

THE NOTE TAKER [overbearing but good-humored] Oh, shut up, shut up. Do I look like a policeman?

THE FLOWER GIRL [far from reassured] Then what did you take down my words for? How do I know whether you took me down right? You just shew me what youve wrote about me. [The note taker opens his book and holds it steadily under her nose, though the pressure of the mob trying to read it over his shoulders would upset a weaker man]. Whats that? That aint proper writing. I cant read that.

THE NOTE TAKER. I can. [Reads, reproducing her pronunciation exactly] "Cheer ap, Keptin; n' baw ya flahr orf a pore gel."

THE FLOWER GIRL [much distressed] It's because I called him Captain. I meant no harm. [To the gentleman] Oh, sir, dont let him lay a charge agen me for a word like that. You—

THE GENTLEMAN. Charge! I make no charge. [To the note taker] Really, sir, if you are a detective, you need not begin protecting me against molestation by young women until I ask you. Anybody could see that the girl meant no harm. 65

[She is conducted by the more sympathetic demonstrators back to her plinth, where she resumes her seat and struggles with her emotion.

THE BYSTANDER. He aint a tec. Hes a blooming busybody: thats what he is. I tell you, look at his boots.

THE NOTE TAKER [turning on him genially] And how are all your people down at Selsey?

THE BYSTANDER [suspiciously] Who told you my people come from Selsey?

THE NOTE TAKER. Never you mind. They did. [To the girl] How do you come to be up so far east? You were born in Lisson Grove. 70

THE FLOWER GIRL [appalled] Oh, what harm is there in my leaving Lisson Grove? It wasnt fit for a pig to live in; and I had to pay four-and-six a week. [In tears] Oh, boo—hoo—oo—

THE NOTE TAKER. Live where you like; but stop that noise.

THE GENTLEMAN [to the girl] Come, come! he cant touch you: you have a right to live where you please.

A SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [thrusting himself between the note taker and the gentleman] Park Lane, for instance. Id like to go into the Housing Question with you, I would.

THE FLOWER GIRL [subsiding into a brooding melancholy over her basket, and talking very low-spiritedly to herself] I'm a good girl, I am. 75

THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [not attending to her] Do you know where I come from?

THE NOTE TAKER [promptly] Hoxton.

Titterings. Popular interest in the note taker's performance increases.

THE SARCASTIC ONE [amazed] Well, who said I didnt? Bly me! You know everything, you do.

THE FLOWER GIRL [still nursing her sense of injury] Aint no call to meddle with me, he aint.

THE BYSTANDER [to her] Of course he aint. Dont you stand it from him. [To the note taker] See here: what call have you to know about people what never offered to meddle with you? Wheres your warrant? 80

SEVERAL BYSTANDERS [encouraged by this seeming point of law] Yes: wheres your warrant?

THE FLOWER GIRL. Let him say what he likes. I dont want to have no truck with him.

THE BYSTANDER. You take us for dirt under your feet, dont you? Catch you taking liberties with a gentleman!

THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER. Yes: tell h i m where he come from if you want to go fortune-telling.

THE NOTE TAKER. Cheltenham, Harrow, Cambridge, and India. 85

THE GENTLEMAN. Quite right. [Great laughter. Reaction in the note taker's favor. Exclamations of He knows all about it. Told him proper. Hear him tell the toff where he come from? etc.]. May I ask, sir, do you do this for your living at a music hall?

THE NOTE TAKER. Ive thought of that. Perhaps I shall some day.
. . . .

THE NOTE TAKER. Simply phonetics. The science of speech. Thats my profession: also my hobby. Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby! You can spot an Irishman or a Yorkshireman by his brogue. I can place any man within six miles. I can place him within two miles in London. Sometimes within two streets.

THE GENTLEMAN. I am myself a student of Indian dialects; and—

THE NOTE TAKER [eagerly] Are you? Do you know Colonel Pickering, the author of Spoken Sanscrit?

THE GENTLEMAN. I am Colonel Pickering. Who are you?

THE NOTE TAKER. Henry Higgins, author of Higgins's Universal Alphabet.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Updated list of things that are racist:

Morris dancers - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/10777858/Racist-No-our-black-face-dance-is-a-proud-tradition.html

Snowmen - http://m.theweek.com/article/index/210058/the-appalling-ku-klux-klan-snowman

Thomas the Tank Engine - http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/22/thomas-the-tank-engine-children-parents

Thundercats -

Popeye - http://somethingsensitive.com/Smileys/default/ixFOjGPRjIdFT.gif

The M62 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-14632930

The Smiths - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1308935/Morrissey-branded-racist-calling-Chinese-subspecies-treatment-circus-animals.html

Cyclists - http://www.birminghampost.co.uk/news/regional-affairs/cycle-city-birmingham-scheme-blasted-7750763?ptnr_rid=150659&icid=Untitled9

Clowns - http://ianthe.tumblr.com/post/51089906140/the-racist-origins-of-modern-clown-makeup-or-just-one

Not racist (so far): tropical fishkeeping.


Not racist (so far): tropical fishkeeping.

Thank God for that, as there’s a tropical fish tank a few feet away from me.

Clown make-up I can probably avoid.

David Gillies

Why is it when non-white people do hitherto white activity* X it's "inclusive" but when white people do hitherto non-white thing Y it's "cultural appropriation"?

* whatever that means


Updated list of things that are racist:


Calvin And Hobbes

Account Deleted

A Penny for you thoughts, lads?

Account Deleted

That should be *your

BTW, what is it with these tired twats in the Guardian always complaining about something they don't like and wanting to do away it at the expense of others be it cupcakes or a brand of soda? I thought it was Conservatives/Republicans/Right Wringers who were suppose to be the control freaks? I also speak as someone who enjoys the brand. I guess have no agency and I'm just empty vessel with no real thoughts of my own and need a individual like the author to know what's best for me.

Check out this comment:



Yes here is some nice mockery of Emma Watson's speech - in which you get to see excerpts of it.

The bit where she talks about being called bossy as a child: this of course relates to a string of tedious logical fallacies and the claim that the word "bossy" might be applied to women more than to men, as part of the global conspiracy of patriarchy blad-di-blah

Never mind all that, and never mind the fact that the world will shortly be run on these barmy principles - let us briefly note that Ms Watson is only standing infront of representatives of the nations in the world telling everyone how to behave, what to think, what to say, and what to fight for. All based on the most tenuous rhetoric imaginable

It really is a mystery how this diffident, unassuming girl ever came to be called bossy..


Emma Watson may actually prove to be an inspired choice … if this is the competition she had to face for that appointment.


"Emma Watson is a good actress...and, to be fair, she means well"

The world is full of "well meaning" people who need a dope slap.


The bit where she talks about being called bossy as a child

What irks is the woolliness of the thinking and the implied equivalence. If you want to highlight real oppression in the world – say, women being disfigured by Muhammadan savages – it’s best to avoid moaning about having once been called “bossy.” Ms Watson’s melange of supposed injustices experienced first-hand – her First World Problems - makes her sound much too precious and rather comical, especially given the mismatch, noted earlier, of her professed values and how she actually lives.

If Ms Watson had, for instance, directly addressed the representative of each member country in which women really are treated appallingly – and listed that country’s sins in graphic detail – I’d have been more than happy to applaud. But that didn’t happen, and was never going to happen. What we got was a piece of flimsy theatre that we’re expected to applaud anyway. It’s the U.N., after all. But it seems to me that if you’re going to use a U.N. gathering to shame backward cultures and their various representatives – shame them into change - it’s best not to appear clownish and morally frivolous while you’re attempting it.


Ron got shafted. Equal pay for equal work. I demand it.


“The school protects against anything that could be offensive to anyone.

The original Mr. X

"2. She was sexualised by the media as a young movie star;"

I'm always baffled when people treat this as a feminist issue, given that the feminist movement has done more to promote female sexualisation than any number of lads' mags. This is, after all, the movement that keeps telling us that casual, consequence-free sex whenever you want it is some kind of inalienable human right (cf. the HHS mandate, "abortion rights" rhetoric), so is it really any surprise when men start acting like they've got a human right to casual, consequence-free sex whenever they want it?

Basically, feminism in its current state is an attempt to avoid the consequences of human actions: feminists want to be able to act like back-alley prostitutes whilst being given the respect due to a chaste Victorian matron. It's no wonder so many leftists are drawn to it, then, given that "attempting to avoid the consequences of human actions" is the left's chief distinguishing feature.

Col. Milquetoast

When I saw the headline "Most bird-watchers are white. If that can change, it would be in everyone’s best interest." at Kaching I thought it was a parody. Then I searched for the source to find it was from the once venerable National Geographic.

Last year they had a headline "U.S. Life Expectancy Map: The Gender Gap" with the subhead "Ladies Last." "[the study] reveals a troubling trend. Though men's life spans have increased by 4.6 years since 1989, women have gained only 2.7 years…" so men now live only 5 years less than women while 20 years ago it was 7 years less. The post includes a map showing nowhere in the US where men outlive women. The question remains whether the "troubling trend" is that female life expectancy exceeds male life expectancy by an insufficient amount or simply that men's life expectancy has increased.

I understand some birdwatchers (like those who want to take a unique photo) but those who spend days and days so they can catch a glimpse of some bird and check it off their birds of the northeast US checklist is inscrutable. Perhaps the question shouldn't be why so few minorities but why so many white folks are birdwatchers.

"93 percent of American birders were white… women now occupy more than half the leadership positions in the organizations studied—but ethnic minorities still occupy less than 12 percent of leadership positions."

Since the author doesn't mention what percentage of birdwatchers are female that makes me suspect it is a mostly male hobby and "more than half" is disproportionate. Somehow, I was under the impression that things not being proportionate was a bad thing.


Then I searched for the source to find it was from the once venerable National Geographic.

Perhaps we’re supposed to believe that local bird-watching groups (or astronomy clubs or whatever) are secretly turning away women and people with brown skin. You know, the kinds of niche clubs and societies that are usually desperate for new members and subscriptions to keep them afloat.

Nate Whilk

She was called "bossy"? Typecasting! And now she really is a boss. This will not end well for us.

Greg Allan

"Not racist (so far): tropical fishkeeping."

Thank God for that, as there’s a tropical fish tank a few feet away from me.

Why do you hate sub-tropical fish?

Greg Allan

Henry said...

Yes here is some nice mockery of Emma Watson's speech - in which you get to see excerpts of it.

The bit where she talks about being called bossy as a child: this of course relates to a string of tedious logical fallacies and the claim that the word "bossy" might be applied to women more than to men, as part of the global conspiracy of patriarchy blad-di-blah...

She is the lipstick on the pig.

Ian Billing

Oh no.....phones are racist too.....probably own slaves:

"So, sure. . . Apple’s “problem” is that they are run by a bunch of old white guys. I guess that’s why the default color for an i-phone is white. Racists."

Yahoo Liberals Bemoan the "Racism" of Apple





“This is a non-problem that no one cares about.”

But the author, Martha Hamilton, feels obliged to air the standard conceit – i.e., that every conceivable identity group should – must - be “represented” proportionally in every possible human activity, regardless of the interests and preferences of the people who make up those notional groups: “We need more Chinese people on our basketball teams. And heterosexual men working as dress designers. And there are nowhere near enough gay men playing golf. And put some Somalis over there, or Liberians at least. Someone brown, anyway.”


Stafan Molyneux on Emma Watson's speech.



Just an idea, but I would enjoy a thread dedicated to predicting future headlines of the political/academic left uncovering hidden "racism." example:

*Why does money have white letters?!

*Tetris's hidden chilling effect on black teenagers!

*Dogs with darker color coats have a X% lower chance of being adopoted!

*What white shirts and black suits tells us about societies racism!!

*Are all fish racist?

*Its 20XX time to stop all toilet paper being white!


"Women of Britain, let’s form our own feminist party"

Read it and weep: http://tinyurl.com/pdgppoq

Thanks for that, Guardian.

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