Star Trek, Widened
More of a Cough, Really

Friday Ephemera

With the humans out of the house, the animals set to work. // Bathing. // Orderly beaches. // How to make magazine nunchucks. // Chocolate records. Play them, eat them. // Ohio Amish barn-raising. // Colours used in films. // Cat furniture. // A cliff house isn’t for everyone. // Fish spits light. // French fry pizza. The cheese acts as glue. // Parents, get your teenager one of these. You’ll never tire of it. // Let’s talk about toilet paper orientation. // Super Looper. // The evolution of headphones. (h/t, Things) // The history of the car in 178,000 images. // Historical gifs. // He makes miniature engines. // Dashcam footage of note. // Dentistry of yore. // And finally, feel the pain of sad dads at a One Direction concert.