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With the humans out of the house, the animals set to work. // Bathing. // Orderly beaches. // How to make magazine nunchucks. // Chocolate records. Play them, eat them. // Ohio Amish barn-raising. // Colours used in films. // Cat furniture. // A cliff house isn’t for everyone. // Fish spits light. // French fry pizza. The cheese acts as glue. // Parents, get your teenager one of these. You’ll never tire of it. // Let’s talk about toilet paper orientation. // Super Looper. // The evolution of headphones. (h/t, Things) // The history of the car in 178,000 images. // Historical gifs. // He makes miniature engines. // Dashcam footage of note. // Dentistry of yore. // And finally, feel the pain of sad dads at a One Direction concert. 



Orderly beaches.

Oh, is that what stormtroopers look like on vacation!

A cliff house isn’t for everyone.

Eeehhhnnnn, and only as long as the waves don't yet wash that cliff away. Not a problem one has when considering a few other cliffside locations here and there . . .


The cliff house is cool, but I see a few problems.

1. There's the erosion problem that Hal mentioned. The Twelve Disciples here in Australia (a ocean cliff rock formation) are now down to something like seven disciples for example.

2. Salt spray is really bad for cars, and they have an open air carport.

3. Freak waves are a real thing, and will often jump tens of metres higher than the usual waves; I'm not sure that I'd trust that the bottom, open floor would be high enough to avoid getting dragged out by a freak wave during storm season. (Rock fishing apparently causes more deaths then any other outdoor activity here in Australia)

4. "The home is visualised as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape" ???? It's made out of glass and metal. It looks nothing like a "natural extension" of the stone cliffs.

Other than that though, it's quite neat. ;-)


Dentistry of yore.

Dental appointment on Monday. So thanks for that, David.


Dental appointment on Monday.

I’m fairly sure the technology has moved on a little.

Meanwhile, in other news, “Grandmas accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook.”

mike fowle

The Spanish engineer who makes miniature engines reminded me of Nevil Shute's Trustee from the Toolroom.


Colours used in films.

That's going to eat up my lunch break.

R. Sherman

Dashcams of Note: That's why I have a NOAA weather radio which screams at me when there's a tornado in my zipcode.

Jon Powers

The cliff house would provide an excellent sanctuary during the zombie apocalypse. Assuming you stocked up enough food and supplies, one would simply need to block off the entrance to the top floor. #smart.


Let’s talk about toilet paper orientation.

Over. It's easier to tear off.


Over. It’s easier to tear off.

That does seem to be the scientific consensus. Though the ‘under’ configuration is apparently less likely to come unrolled during an earthquake.


Those extremely orderly beaches aren't in Germany? Wow. But then again, I notice that the umbrella's aren't square. Of course that degree of orderliness doesn't mean there aren't a lot of Germans visiting. Wonder if the train got there on time?


Toilet paper -- under if you have cats.


And finally, feel the pain of sad dads at a One Direction concert.

Piano Guys do it better.


Piano Guys do it better.

I’ll have to take your word for it. I’m no longer up to speed on the latest teen beat combos.


auriculus rift


I googled up One Direction. No wonder the dads are sad.


Those miniature engines are amazing. Do they run on combustion? What fuel? How does he handle the problem of heat? Wouldn't those bitty parts be weakened by the heat? He must have added a cooling system.

Also, the Gallegos are the butt of all the Spanish jokes about stupid people. This guy just blew them out of the water.

Jeff Guinn

Do they run on combustion?

Compressed air from an outside source.

Jeff Guinn

Probably from a compressor plugged into the mains.

Which makes them zero emission engines. Because, as we all know, electricity requires no carbon dioxides.


Have a couple of items that tend to be rather on topic around here . . . .

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