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Small Matters

Friday Ephemera

Goldfish brain surgery. // You want a black burger and you want it now. // Things organised neatly. // The inner lives of cows. (h/t, MeFi) // Can you squares dig Sun Ra’s avant-jazz space poetry? // Jetpack-powered running. // High street shops in sci-fi films. (h/t, Things) // Wind tunnels, then and now. // Machines made of wood. // Woodpile of note. // How much to tip? // How to make a playing card blowgun. // Gummi larvae. // The virtues of coffee, 1652. // The drive-thru funeral chapel. (h/t, TDK) // When your drive home looks like this it’s possibly time to pull over. // The owl and the pussycat. // Cat highs. // Feline masseurs. // Photographs of Nairobi. // The NoPhone comforter. // And finally, where are they now