The Wrong Colour Buttocks
Elsewhere (137)

Friday Ephemera

Roller-skating monkeys and other things photographed by Stanley Kubrick. // Hardcore cough syrup of yore. // Rush hour. // Real-time aurora. // There are ruins in New York City. // The chemistry of autumn. // When elephants frolic. // The sheep have penetrated our defences. // Seen in dentist school. // Test your pitch perception. (h/t, Dr W) // Tiny paintings. // World’s deepest pool. // Parasitic worm of note. // An alternative ‘Occupy’ syllabus. // “Even though it was a trick, the reaction was pure and honest.” // The relative sizes of fictional spacecraft, updated. // Strange sexual organs. // How to attract frogs. // Coffee time. // Spoilers. //A brief history of the vocoder. // Phantom vibrations. // And finally, someone’s gone and copied your host’s own early morning exercise routine