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September 23, 2014



But apparently it’s a thing, the hugeness of one’s arse.

From 1978.



I like big butts and I can not lie...

I've been a white guy with a nice round ass my whole life. Finally, I'm fashionable!

Of course, I'm also "accessorising the black aesthetic" and must be punished forthwith.

sackcloth and ashes

Ms Adegoke is getting her arse kicked in the comments.

Jon Powers

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. I guess it's a product of my White Privilege.


I blame Kenny Everett.



And Robert Crumb. You have to wonder how such precious creatures make it through the day.


Nobody mention hair straighteners.


Nobody mention musical instruments that were invented in Europe.
Likewise electronic recording devices.
Etcetera ad infinitum.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

Is it racist to point out that Grace Jones was the worst Bond henchwoman ever?


Hello. Bustle, anyone?

Primary sex queues are instinctual. Oog liked big butts every bit as much as Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Parody horizon in… 3… 2… 1…


big buttocks are black culture. So you white folk mustn’t pinch them

That had to be on purpose, David

Ms Adegoke is getting her arse kicked in the comments

Rather than pinched?


Our specialist in “pop culture and intersectional feminism” seems to be arguing for a kind of cartoon cultural purity along crude racial lines, one in which the size of one’s arse is a precious and proprietary cultural value. It’s odd how the studiously right-on are so often the ones doing the othering of people based on their melanin levels.

David Gillies

Has anyone ever seen the writers for CiF and the writers for Viz in the same room?


If white women think big bums aren't attractive this is bad.
And if white women think big bums are attractive this is also bad.


Is it racist to point out that Grace Jones was the worst Bond henchwoman ever?

Ehn. Actually the overarching issue there is simply that the two worst Bond movies ever were the two with the word "kill" in the title, where her movie was itself the all out, hands on, worse of the two---including in overall profit, as I recall.

So Jones merely got bitten along with everyone else in that turkey.


Oh, and as far as the overall topic . . . .

Siiiiiggggghhhh. Oy.

I suppose having no life has its attractions, but I'm not seeing what they are . . . .


Actually it has to do with preference of well upholstered hind quarters imputed to black men, and the delusions of girls posing as "bad girls" seeking to appeal to this predilection.

In other words it's about shallow, momentary "wigger style" kind of put on, phoney trope.

Watcher In The Dark

Around my part of the world there are many white women with big rears. And I mean broad and wide and, er, vast. Not sure it's a copy-culture thing, other than they do no exercise and stuff their faces with rubbish food all day. Does this count in the great buttock debate?


So the attributes that black women have so long been shamed for have finally been given the… seal of approval due to a new Aryan aesthetic?

Christ. Half the great painters in European history could not be reached for comment.

Patrick Brown

Can't beat this wonderfully sincere reinterpretation of the classic...



Can’t beat this wonderfully sincere reinterpretation of the classic...


No, wait. I denounce this heinous example of cultural appropriation.


The Amazon widget at the top of the page is content-sensitive and displays items that may be relevant to whichever blog post it’s next to. It is, therefore, offering me a chance to buy something called a “Silicone Buttock Bum-Enhancing Brief.


Ample buttocks were appropriated by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez?

Those naughty white wimmens and their fake bronzer…

sackcloth and ashes

'Has anyone ever seen the writers for CiF and the writers for Viz in the same room?'

That, my friend, is the written equivalent of this.


You're the chap in white, by the way.


And if white women think big bums are attractive this is also bad.

Only if they attempt to acquire them. To be proper, white wimmins with tiny buttocks should pine away for envy of their pigmented sistahs.

Cultural appropriation. ::spit::

I reckon we need to stop all those Asians from playing Mozart, and shut down the karate dojos outside of Japan and the Yoga studios outside of India and the ballet studios outside of France and the opera houses outside of Italy and each and every ethnically themed restaurant that doesn't match the cultural heritage of the dirt on which it's located.

Because if consuming Thai food isn't cultural appropriation (and digestion and elimination) I don't know what is.


I reckon we need to stop all those Asians from playing . . .

Why, Di, how Germanically thorough of you!

Charlie Suet

Cultural appropriation only applies to inferior cultures...

I think er her use of the Roman alphabet is er itself cultural appropriation, er deriving as it does from the Phoenician er alphabet used by the ancestors er of those who are oppressed in Palestine, er..


laurie penny news

The Incoherence of Liberal Feminism


Craig Mc

I blame white male privilege.


Let me get this straight. Liberals have long been trying to get whites to abandon their culture if favor of of the "superior" and "more vibrant" non-white cultures, and now that they've succeeded they're damning whites for doing it?


So what I've learned from this site is there is potential nothing more racist than a fat chick with dreadlocks. Thankfully here in Aus we actually have laws against upsetting people on the basis of race. I intend to litigate the next heavy-set hippy i come across.

R. Sherman

The Struggle Continues . . .


The Struggle Continues . . .

Oh my.

That sound you hear is from the exploding heads of a million teenage boys.

Karen M

black women never stopped aspiring to possess the curves society so hated.

Society "so hated" curvy women? Really?

I just love it when someone thinks they speak for all black women.


I just love it when someone thinks they speak for all black women.

Quite. And it’s a little odd to base a sweeping sociological claim on the onstage gyrations of a professional attention-seeker, someone whose career depends in large part on making stuffy people splutter.

bobby b

See "Steatopygia."


Doubtless all pale women, being so determined to appropriate and oppress, will soon be turning up to work with huge foam bottoms attached to their person.

I always do. I'm still working on my ghetto-snaps.


[ Googles ghetto-snaps ]

Ah. Fierce.

Custard Cream

Do ghetto snaps go with that side-to-side head waggle and waving finger and "uh-unnh girlfrien'"?


From Ms Adegoke’s Twitter feed:

GIRL. They r comin 4 me! The comments stay denying the truth loool not gonna stop me telling it though!

Ah, journalism.


Being artistic


Weren't 'Fat Bottomed Girls' popular some time ago, even if only by Freddie Mercury. There was a Guardian article then as well (I'll bet) but probably not about cultural expropriation. My money goes goes on good old fashioned sexism.

Apparently in Brazil it has been fashionable to surgically enhance one's posterior for some time.

Strange how that expropriation has failed to generate a Guardian article

Kevin Perez

You could just COULD feel the racial pretension and condescension in that article. Oh well, at least it isn't as stupid as THIS article:


It's right up there with Thomas the Tank Engine article.

BTW, it's amazing how so many apologists/followers/cult members are able to defend/rationalize such stupidity, as if it were such a profound, in-depth analysis of something important and relevant.

Kevin Perez

Sheesh, gotta watch out for my grammar!


You could just feel the racial pretension and condescension in that article.

It is quite special, even by Guardian standards. Ms Adegoke seems to believe she’s uncovered a matter of tremendous import – and a fresh source of handwringing - based on something in a fashion magazine and the stage prop of an attention-seeking pop star. But Ms Cyrus’s huge foam bottom was apparently a playful pop at a rival stage artiste named Nicki Minaj, who, like Ms Cyrus, is known for her suggestive gyrations. Ms Minaj is herself quite rich and famous, in part, dare I suggest, because of her formidable rear, to which she draws a great deal of attention. Which rather casts doubt on Ms Adegoke’s claim that big-bottomed black women are “so hated” by “society.”

Evidently millions of fans have overcome their alleged “hatred” enough to buy her records and concert tickets, to such an extent that Ms Minaj now owns an impressive Malibu mansion worth twelve million dollars, complete with maids, gardeners, five garages, seven bathrooms and a pool. And it scarcely needs pointing out that the oversized fake bottom that so offends Ms Adegoke generated coverage (in things read by idiots) precisely because it’s not the kind of thing people generally do.

Still, Ms Adegoke is an expert in pop culture, and apparently an authority on being black, so who are we to argue?


The Guardian's moderator informs us that Comments on this article will close shortly and may re-open in the morning, adding Thanks for your contributions so far.

I assume this is shorthand for She's getting slaughtered so we'd better just shut this down because she's liable to sue us for hurt feelings or something to do with racism .

R. Sherman

Well, I--54 year old American white male--tend to do a lot more research into this obviously important issue.

To the YouTube!


Buttman: "To the youtube, Rubbin!"


The real Buttman!

Account Deleted

This post sums up the article succinctly.


Hang on, this is 'The Guardian Left'. There is barely any cross-section between 'The Left' and 'The Guardian Left' any more.

For what it's worth, the Guardian's editorial commissioning policy seems to run something along these lines nowadays:

Oh look here's a black woman with a grievance. It doesn't matter how trivial, poorly articulated, or downright absurd her grievance is. She is a black woman with a grievance and therefore she must be provided with a platform to air her grievance...

The Jannie

A professional victim - what a 4king imbecile! Having spent 36 hours in the nation's armpit at the weekend I can state that some of the biggest arses I've ever seen were following white women around without a hint of expropriation.


If big black butts are so marginalised, then why did Manij's Anaconda do so well? Is it a counter-culture thing? (don'twanttoliveinthisworldanymore)


. . . in the nation's armpit . . .

. . . Which armpit, pray tell? So many come to mind . . .


When a black woman asks, "Does this make mu butt look big?", the only correct answer is "YES!"

I'm told.

Mr. Saturn

I'm always shocked by how much of "Baby Got Back" I can recite. It is weird.


Ms Minaj, whose skin is brown, is herself quite rich and famous, in part, dare I suggest, because of her formidable rear, or badonkadonk, to which she draws attention in her videos, onstage, and whenever cameras pass within 300 metres or so.

Snork! :-D


Yesterday, I had no idea I’d soon be looking up the definition of badonkadonk or seeing so many images of ladies’ ass cleavage.

The Jannie

Hal asked - Which armpit, pray tell?

The only place to which I apply that analogy - London.


The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin, &c. http://youtu.be/FfhphrmKdsg


Another of Minnow's fellow travellers.


Just got back from the grocery store. Was needing, amongst other things, balsamic vinaigrette and soy sauce. Found the bv but not the soy sauce, so I asked. Was told it was in an isle on the other side of the store. Found it there next to the Chinese mustard, not far from the Mexican taco kits. Then it hit me. The bv was next to the olive oil, near the pastas, one isle over from where the barbecue and worcestshire sauce were. It appears that supermarket sauces are being racially segregated. All I need is a student loan to flog off for a couple years, expand this into a 20 page thesis, and y'all can start calling me Dr. WTP. All paid for by you suckers. LOL <-- first time using this. Did I do it right?

Patrick Brown

In other Guardian arse-size based oppression news, a pop song called "All About That Bass", which apparently celebrates having a fuller figure because boys like it, is "bad for women" because it "skinny shames" women who aren't so blessed, and enjoying being found attractive by boys betrays the sisterhood, or something. Best comment from "Howardthefascist":

Yes, it's like when Cyndi Lauper said "Girls just want to have fun". What about those miserable girls who don't want to have fun!


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