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October 21, 2014





They're so precious.

John D

June is good too. :-)


I might have to buy that.

Custard Cream

Erm, it's not serious, is it? Can never tell these days.


October or December. Unsure which.


March and December. December is best

David Gillies

Bravissimo! We need more, much more of this sort of stuff. The Social Justice Warriors can stand any amount of abuse; it energises them. But what they cannot stand is mockery. It's like garlic-infused holy water to Dracula. Picture your echt Progressive - Bidisha, say - beavering away in the Vanguard of the Proletariat and see if anywhere in the image thereby conjured you can spot a sense of humour.

Account Deleted

Isn't June pretty much what the SJW crowd is all about? "SHUT UP and listen....or else!". "FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!" should've been used for one of the kittens.


I name the September Kitty "PennyRed"


Minnow? Minnow?

Spiny Norman

Hilarious. I'm sold.

Greg Allan




Oh yes, no grumble is too small to be milked for outrage. As when a social justice warrior named Icess Fernandez Rojas had trouble with her spellcheck software, which dared to question the spelling of her name. Because, despite teaching others how to be “amazing writers” and despite her “alphabet soup full of degrees,” Ms Fernandez Rojas doesn’t know how to update the dictionary of her spellcheck software.

Of course it could be worse. If you’re a grad student, a professor may dare to question your punctuation in class. Or even your far-left politics. Then things can really kick off.


In a word: Meeeeeaaaaaaoooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

For other words: Oh, Bravo!!!!




So I followed the link and visited the Liartown page on tumblr. I'm pretty sure now that this is all meant as satire.
Pretty sure.


Erm, it's not serious, is it? Can never tell these days.

It is from Liartown USA, which is notoriously hilarious and non-serious. (Be careful if you choose to browse that: they do a lot of fake porno covers and so are very NSFW.)

They also did a cinematic history of James Bond and a lovely informative poster on murder culture.

Stuart Lord

If only I could order it in Australia. Would make a great present for some of my friends.


My older son had the idea of making jack o' lanterns, but instead of carving the visages of witches or ghouls on them, they would have truly scary things carved on them: ISIS. Or EBOLA. Or CRUSHING STUDENT LOAN DEBT. (He has plenty.)

I suggested he carve a few with PATRIARCHY! or HETERONORMATIVITY! or WHITE PRIVILEGE but at that point he decided to give up the whole idea.


David, do you think Ms Rojas has changed the pronunciation of her name? I suggest rhyming with 'Pisces' from now on



They also did a cinematic history of James Bond

I so want to see 1968’s Bond Versus MechaBond.



That’s definitely a level 5 microanxiety.


Mockery is the sincerest form of disparagement.


"That’s definitely a level 5 microanxiety."

Poor little Isis, but if she really wants to know about nominative misery she should meet my old friend Allan Kayeeda.

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