We Mustn’t Let the Poor Have Nice Things
Smells Like Teen Schoolgirl

Friday Ephemera

These followed by this. // A chorus of keys. // Cat-ear headphones. They glow, obviously. // Rubber stress mushrooms. You tug them for relief. // Blowing Billie Jean. (h/t, EBD) // Tiny brontosauruses. // It’s basic science, people. // Make your own music video with SeeHearParty. // 3D-printed car. // Scorpion chair. // The chemistry of pizza. // Spacecraft selfie of note. // The world’s roundest object. // The world of Ronco. // Chocolate skulls gone nuts. // Owl massage. // Lego Galactus is so adorable. // Hallowe’en masks of yore. // This woman is a psychic. // A map of Autumn foliage. // Teamwork. // Burning wood. // Testing 5G. // Star Trek fact check, for hardcore enthusiasts. // The first spacewalk. // And finally, this is my belly, here. I’ll tell you when to stop