Meanwhile, in Showbiz News

Friday Ephemera

World’s loudest belch - looped, obviously. // Judgmental bird. // The British Tripe Council. // Assorted moths and butterflies. // Autumn. // He say nummy nummy num. // Lamb demands petting. // The periodic table of hip-hop. // Rubber bands of note. // Your cardboard robot. // Drunk furniture. // Things in front of the Sun. // Astronomy factoid of the day. // Dashcam footage of note. // Hard disc of yore. // When water falls upwards. // The soap dispenser you’ve always wanted. // Ants and gel. // Joints for cats. // “Sitting is the new smoking.” // Tiny squid and other creatures. // Superman’s first appearance, 1938. // West end girls. // John and Sherlock. // Shake it, baby. // And finally, if you’re having a tough morning, take a moment or two to soothe yourself with this