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October 16, 2014



Being rich (or near as makes no difference), a man and white, I ask what is wrong with the phrase; Fuck rich white men?

'Way to go' as our colonial friends say!


Distinguished Professor Emerita of the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies.

A vain Marxist. Who knew?


It is a bit Grand Poobah.


Angela Davis gave an AMAZING lecture tonight. And this was the 'general' feeling towards Michael Mansfield's presence

This, uh, wait, what?

I'm confused … is this Michael Mansfield QC, the one being told to get f***ed, the same one Wikipedia describes as a "republican, vegetarian, socialist, and self-described "radical lawyer"?

Or have I confused that Michael Mansfield with, I don't know, a CEO of an international arms dealer and alleged serial rapist or something?


While the woman they so admire, this self-styled “political prisoner,” charges $20,000 an hour.

Well at least she's cheaper than Hillary Clinton.



This, uh, wait, what?

I haven’t yet managed to find any video of the exchange, but I fear he may have been insufficiently deferential. What with her being a Living Goddess and the Queen of All Human Knowledge.

R. Sherman

I, for one, will be quite happy the day "Angela Davis" is a question in the noted party trivia game, "Dead or Canadian?"

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Meanwhile, in the Mirror Universe

When I saw the headline, I thought we were going to get some Page 3 girls or something.


I think you’ve confused this blog with BustyLadies.com


Oh dear. I’ve just discovered there actually is a website with the URL BustyLadies.com

I’ve been emotionally scarred.

Sam Duncanq

“Fuck rich white men.”

That's the way to the top!

“I’ve just discovered there actually is a website with the URL BustyLadies.com”

I'd cite Rule 34 here, but c'mon... did you seriously think there wouldn't be? It's not as if it's Thomas the Tank Engine slash fiction. (Oh, don't panic: it's XKCD.)

Ed Snack

Thomas the Tank engine...you mean you've never heard of "50 shades of steam"... (not original, I know, but too good to miss)

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

I'm reminded of the time I decided to look up if there was such a thing as a nose fetish -- of course there is, but that's not the point. One of the websites that came up early in the search I don't remember the URL of, but it was for the more specific fetish of Asian women with big noses.


On a similar subject of website names which had unfortunate double meanings when rendered as a domain name, my favourite was Pen Island.


I once saw www.holidayhomesexchange.co.uk (or similar) advertised on a South West Trains service and for a moment genuinely wondered why a holiday home may require a sex change.

Paul Nottingham

“Fuck rich white men.”

It was merely one of Hillary's suggestions for paying high tuition fees.

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