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Friday Ephemera

Fear the terrible power of Telekinesis Cat. // Trash owl sees all. // Think lettuce, think Toshiba. // Oh, no-one lives in London any more. // Quantum whirlpool created. // On sloshing, spilling, beer and coffee. // Red Kubrick. // Orchestra versus chili peppers. A test of musical discipline. // Pocket-size espresso maker keeps your hiking classy. // Pygmy seahorse camouflage. // Poultry lifter. Cook bird first. // A near miss. // The big wide world of Spam and Spam-like products. // Baseball players of yore. (h/t, Coudal) // Paying a fair share. // “Nearly half of the president’s 43 million Facebook followers appeared to be fake.” // Fire in the sky. // For that elegant dinner party you’ve been meaning to have. // And after dinner, obviously, grandma and her friends will want to smoke some weed.



Telekinesis Cat : Meow the Force be with you.
Too easy?

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Cookbook of note.

Slippery Bob sounds interesting.

R. Sherman

Re: The espresso maker. For its weight, one could carry about 12 oz. of good brandy and a decent cigar. You make the call.


Cultural question from an American: someone want to explain this Emily Thornberry tweet brouhaha to me? Why does showing an image of a house with flags on it get someone forced to resign? I understand it made her look like a snob somehow?



I understand it made her look like a snob somehow?

The drama is summarised here, here, here and here. Being obliged to resign from the shadow cabinet (though not as an MP) may seem a bit much for a Twitter blunder, but I suppose the Labour Party, and much of the left in general, is touchy about suggestions that it’s disdainful of the values of its alleged constituents, the working class, which of course it is.


Toshiba is moving into the indoor agriculture space under its healthcare business division in an effort to create a new line of fresh lettuces and salads... Toshiba isn't the first Japanese company moving into the food space. Fujitsu is growing lettuce and Sharp has strawberry field in Dubai.

There's so much I don't know about the world.


Fear the terrible power of Telekinesis Cat.

Worth watching just for the cat's face at 1:05.

Simen Thoresen

From the world of social technology - Smart Pipe. Because your waste is valuable.


Kevin B

Behold the terrible power of Telly Savalas, cat.


Behold the terrible power of Telly Savalas, cat.

Oh my, he sings. In what looks like purple polyester.


I understand it made her look like a snob somehow?

The truth is out!


The truth is out!


Watcher in the Dark

I understand Potemkin villages are fake but it is still a shock to find that, thanks to the skills of digital artists, even the pictures of Potemkin villages are false.

Meanwhile, in a real village:


Thank you, David, for yet another inspired miscellany. I want one of those essential and amazing espresso makers (now!). I was also fascinated by the seahorses and intrigued by the quantum whirlpools.
*hits tip jar*


Cheers, matey.


Things you don't see everyday.

Animated chart of N.Amer butterflies.

Why we have thumbs.

h/t Debby Witt


Behold, a new class of victims. The hegemony and oppression of The Great Pumpkin:

It used to be easy for people like Kristen D’Amico, who can’t stand the taste of pumpkin pie. She merely had to say no to a slice of it on Thanksgiving Day.

Not anymore.

A rising tide of products flavored with pumpkin pie spice has flooded grocery store shelves and restaurant menus, and not just near her home in Deltona, Fla. Friends tease the 34-year-old stay-at-home mother with gleeful photos and text messages about pumpkin lattes, coffee creamers and pies. Relatives mock her, she says, at Thanksgiving dinner for shunning pumpkin in all its forms.

The pumpkin craze “really is an epidemic,” she says, adding that she must have missed the indoctrination session where people “were brainwashed, and I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with these people?’ ”

Probably behind a paywall, but:

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