The Passing of the Hat
No Balm Can Soothe the Agonies of the Left

Friday Ephemera

How to cut string. // Carnivorous plants and their prey. // Canadian prairie towns of yore. (h/t, Kate) // Calculating machines. // 10,000 antique cameras. // “The effect of cymatic frequencies on matter.” // Forget socks, these mutant flesh sculptures are ideal Christmas gifts. // Goldfish teabags. // Bee. // Plankton. // Giant squid. // The gentlemanly world of bespoke British tailoring. // A tiny axe for squeezing the dregs out of toothpaste tubes. // Strange lands to the north. // Chocolate Lego. // 112 years of alien invasions. // Neighbourliness. // Distract small children with some 3D hand drawing. // Batman versus Darth Vader. // Tornado versus rainbow. // The rave preservation project. Re-live the largeness. // The forgotten songs of Spotify. // There are foxes in our garden. And also in Russia. // Frost flowers. // Hong Kong of the 50s. // And finally, a map of odd and saucy British place names, from Sally’s Bottom to Tickle Cock Bridge