Friday Ephemera
Ideally, However, No-one Actually Wins

No Balm Can Soothe the Agonies of the Left

Via 4d2b: A female student is catcalled. The University of East Anglia’s postgrad education officer immediately spots the problem. 

Because it causes catcalling. And foot odour. And hair loss.

He’s enabling rapists. 

Agonies of language

Look, everyone. See how complicated and fascinating Laurie is.

It's what she tells people, all the time.

We can’t sleep until we hear about Laurie’s gender status.  

As I said, complicated and fascinating.

He was six years old when she left Downing Street. But she haunts him, even now. 

Owen keeps things in proportion as usual.

It just is. 

She writes for the Guardian, you know.

She’s so egalitarian, you mustn’t question her. 

Always thinking of the little people.

As a fearless leftwing journalist, Laurie has lots of it. She channels it into her work

But coherence and realism are no use at all.

Two words to save the world. I think Mr Ezra is sceptical

Laurie's deep thinking.

We must flee the outspoken women. 

The presumptuous 'we'.

The piety, like the agony, never ends.

Note the words 'say to others'.

It’s a total cultural assault on women’s self-esteem. 

Don't say you hadn't noticed.

I think he’s confusing compassion with narcissism

The left invented human feeling, all of it.

And finally, and obviously, it’s what the homeless need.

Yes, drum workshops for the homeless.

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