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The Passing of the Hat

Patrons are reminded that this rickety barge is kept afloat by the kindness of strangers. If you’ve been remotely entertained by what goes on here and would like to help this dubious endeavour remain buoyant a while longer, there’s an orange button below with which to monetise any love. Debit and credit cards are of course accepted. Think of it as a magazine subscription, a way to keep abreast of the various, never-ending agonies of the left

You can, for instance, learn why food should be made much more expensive and more difficult to find. For the poor, of course. And why being handed a plate with food on it induces comedic fretting. Or why something radical must be done about litter inequality. Or learn what happens when intersectional feminism meets prosthetic comedy buttocks. Or perhaps you’d just like to stay attuned to the latest developments in the intensely cerebral world of performance art. Artists, remember, are our betters, and so modest with it

A monthly subscription option is also available, top left, for those who prefer to show their love at regular intervals. Additionally, any Amazon shopping done via the search widget top right, or for Amazon US via this link, results in a small fee for your host at no extra cost to you. And hey, Christmas is coming.

For newcomers wishing to know more about what’s been going on here for the last seven years or so, almost eight in fact, the reheated series and greatest hits are good places to start. And do take a moment to poke through the discussion threads. The posts are intended as starting points, not full stops, and the comments are where much of the good stuff is waiting to be found.

Again, thanks for the support, the comments, and the company.