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December 09, 2014



Concealed carry?


Well, that beats the Korean Airlines Macadamia Nut Brouhaha! Oh, Canada..!


Both the men and the snake were taken into custody; the men remain in jail.




Hey! I was going to make the Sheldon Cooper ref.


I gather that in Canada snake-hurling is a traditional sign of displeasure. They’re a proud people, and complicated.


" Is that a Snake in your pocket or are you just pleased......Arghhhh get it off me!"

R. Sherman

When you outlaw pocket snakes, only outlaws will have pocket snakes.

Or something.


Diced onions in a sandwich? Tsk.

Mr. Saturn

Why would one be carrying a snake in his pocket?


Mr Saturn, it must be one of those trouser snakes we hear so much about,


Maybe they were being followed by a Mongoose. Throw the snake and make yer getaway!


To keep it warm, Mr. Saturn, until you get to wherever you want to throw it. At the time it was quite cold, as is typical here.

Spiny Norman

I am genuinely surprised this didn't happen in Florida.

(These sort of bizarre incidents occur so frequently in South Florida that Miami Herald humorist Dave Barry's blog has a recurring gag headline "Name That State".)


@Spiny Norman: There's also the Twitter account 'Florida Man'...


There's also the Twitter account 'Florida Man'...

Oh, My!!!!

Florida Man Says He Was Masturbating in Public Because Mother Won't Let Him Watch Porn in House

Florida Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct After Waiving Sex Toy Around Art Basel Art Fair

---Clearly he should have consulted with David and picked a different art fair.

Florida Man Leads Police on 90 Minute Chase in Stolen Front-End Loader

Florida Man Takes Mushroom, Claims He’s God, Pees on Friend’s Carpet

---Yeah, I just hate it when some god does that . . .

Florida Man Tries to Walk Out of Walmart With 6.5 lbs of Cow Tongue Stuffed Down His Pants

---Hey, at least that time he didn't wrap it in tinfoil and walk into an airport . .

Florida Man Tries to Walk Out of Store With Chainsaw Stuffed Down His Pants . . . . . .

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