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Friday Ephemera

Action panda. // The great guinea pig migration of 2014. // This machine balances things better than you do. // At last, tan leather brogues with liquor in the heel. // The hurdy gurdy man. // Biodegradable cat litter boxes. // Concrete speakers. I suspect the postage may be expensive. // The chemistry of sprouts. // Pasta extrusion. // Test: school lunch or prison food? (h/t, Ace) // Quarter-tonne porn stash “belonged to a friend.” // Snowflakes, categorized. // The public sector debt clock. // Up, down, sideways. // The truth about truth serum. // One man and his organ (or how to play Hard Times). // Tweet of note. // Clouds in the Grand Canyon. // The jigsaw you’ve always wanted. // Jamaica Street, Glasgow, 1901. (h/t, EBD) // And finally, festively, he just won’t stop jingling


R. Sherman

Action Panda's archnemesis.

There can be only one.


One man and his organ (or how to play Hard Times).

There's a man who likes his jewellery.


There’s a man who likes his jewellery.

The demonstration does have a certain… something. Much like the Human League circa 1981, in fact.



"At last, tan leather brogues with liquor in the heel. "

Ideal for the man about town!


It occurs to me that a Cuban heel might hold more liquor.


Much like the Human League circa 1981, in fact.

The age of proper musicianship. :-)


Funnily enough, if you have two tabs open on your browser, the public sector debt clock locks into a perfect groove with the chap playing the Human League.

Electro-pop meets state profligacy: and lo, a new music genre is born.


The age of proper musicianship. :-)

Re-live the dream. Ah, school days.


meow, meow, meow, meow....


This may amuse. How to advertise your 4K TV.

I saw one of these up close a couple of days ago and was very impressed. The resolution is extraordinary, and sadly much higher than pretty much anything being broadcast at the moment. Though I suppose you’d be able to savour the imperfections of whatever it is you’re watching.


Loving the old film.

Sam Duncan

As am I, Jimmy. And it's more or less recognisable even now, at least the second section. Most of it was taken from roughly here, in fact. Paisley's department store, which can be seen in the background, was still there when I was a kid in the '70s (and was still strangely Edwardian in ambiance).

The final section is definitely not “the top of Jamaica Street”, though. However I can't place it. It looks like the West End to me - Woodside or Hillhead, maybe - but some parts of Tradeston, just south of the bridge, would have looked a lot more like that a century ago than they do today, so it's possibly there.


Sorry to dump and run, but these links are worthy of some response:

(admittedly it is Tumblr, and thus by definition utterly insane on a level that makes LP seem normal, but nonetheless...)

And speaking of insane:

Have fun - the only thing we can do is mock.


I'm still trying to figure out the concrete speaker. There are two separate cavities to the block, and the bass driver is located in the lower cavity. There appears to be a bass-port in the design, but it is located in the other cavity. I'm squinting hard at the animation but I don't see any hole linking the two cavities. This makes no sense to me at all.

Jeff Wood

I agree, Sam. The last part ain't Jamaica Street.

Sometimes, I feel old enough to hail some of the cairters or passers-by by name. Anyway, apologies if this has been used before, but a comment below this post by Spengler reads:

"I micro-apologize for any micro[offense you may have suffered."

Jeff Wood

Meant to post the link:


@Jimmy - It looks like the back cover is hollowed out...guessing that's how you get the signal down there.


Ah yes, I see it now.

I micro-apologize for any micro[offense you may have suffered.

That's gold.


In more recent news, some UK female has taken the concept of "It's all about me" to a whole new level.
Katie Hopkins: I was the target of Sydney terrorist as well as 9/11 and 7/7 attackers.

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