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January 16, 2015



Knots and how to tie them

More knots, with turkey.

47, 973

One of the very best pieces I've ever read. It deserves a place in this.


The shipyourenemiesglitter chap is not happy with his excessive success.

Too bad. I think it's an exceptional idea.


The thrill of bri-nylon.

The message I get from that is that the husband is gay. Does she know?


It deserves a place in this.

I don’t know about that, but it did remind me of just how strong that opening episode is. By the end credits I was hooked. It’s a shame they couldn’t ultimately deliver on its promise.

The message I get from that is that the husband is gay. Does she know?

Heh. It does seem to hint at more than the awesomeness of bri-nylon. The ladies cavorting in nighties don’t stir him at all. Unlike the gents with no trousers on.


Flipped iceberg.


Rules for men in feminist movements:

1. Don't join a feminist movement.
2. If you insist on doing so, assume you will be treated with contempt by your fellow members.
3. You'll probably enjoy it
4. Which was the reason you joined in the first place.


Rules for men in feminist movements.

May she and all her cronies and followers get exactly the kind of men she's demanding ,and only those kind of men, in both their personal and their professional lives.


Sub-optimal driving conditions.

I only keep driving if there's one tornado on the road.


It occurs to me that Hey, That’s My Arse! sounds like a plausible title for a late-night game show.

R. Sherman

David, how about Hey, That's My Wife's Arse!


David, how about Hey, That's My Wife's Arse!

I think that may already be being covered in great detail in any or all of the Real Housewives of Northern Random Cesspoolle variety of futility show . . at least based on what I've read in passing of those . . .


The trouble with that pizza-stealing video is that the pizza is being cut with a kitchen knife instead of a pizza-cutter, the way God intended. I don't know how I'm supposed to trust someone who doesn't cut pizza with a metal wheel.

Also that spider-dress video features not the dress but the camera work. I hate that.


Also that spider-dress video features not the dress but the camera work. I hate that.

I fear the dress would be quite occasion-specific. Unless you were starring in a low-budget sci-fi series.

Mr Eugenides

Meanwhile, the Vagina Monologues is banned from a US Campus for being "offensive to women without vaginas":



Meanwhile, in other vagina-related news…

A Queens woman has filed a lawsuit against a tights manufacturer, complaining that their false advertising led her to believe she would have an orgasmic, ultra-relaxing experience while wearing their product.

And before you ask, the lady’s name is Wang.

Simen Thoresen

The playing with fire -thing is amazing, but mostly because we generally don't see movement in reverse timeflow. I think I'll increase my contribution to the Cumshots in Reverse -kickstarter project, it'll be awesome.



the Cumshots in Reverse kickstarter project,

I fear there may already be a Tumblr for that. Possibly several, according to taste.


I thought The Vagina Monologues was offensive to men withou vaginas? Never saw it myself, but know a guy (a guy without a vagina, that is) who did and he wasn't happy about it.


A Queens woman has filed a lawsuit against a tights manufacturer . . . .

Three priests walk into a bar.

---Oh, wait, wrong bit.

A Queens woman has chosen to be merely more than usual a reminder that an axiom truly is an axiom, in this case that there is a hipster born every minute.

. . . . her lawyer, C.K. Lee, declined to comment.

Her lawyer is not a hipster and merely is collecting a fee from one, and rather presumably wishes to get that fee safely in hand before openly admitting that Yes, Your Honor, I quite agree that my client being a hipster does prove her dumber than a sack full of rocks.

On my part I have run into some rather interesting very specific statements over the last year or so, where if the statements do prove workable, what can be done in that circumstance will be really nice, really advantageous. Research so far in tracking down something that's definitely a bit obscure has reported that while what I'm noting isn't the usual, it is rather doable, given the correct practitioner---think in terms of Yes, one can get a picture of someone juggling three pink and two yellow grapefruit while blowing a stream of fire through the circle of grapefruit . . . once one finds the person with the skills to get in from of one's camera . . .

Should this ultimately get nowhere, I would expect I'll wind up will being irked . . . . . but sue?!?!??!?! Hehehehehehehe----Yeahright.


The knot page is missing the Alpine Butterfly, a versatile knot which can be tied in the middle of a rope without access to a free end. It is a substitute for the bowline but the bowline is not a substitute for it.


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