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January 09, 2015


Jim Whyte

There was a bull pup with a bull pup.


For all those butt selfies you take.

Is there some way to combine that with the real-time hand mutator?


For all those butt selfies you take.

So the latest thing is to take lots of photographs your own backside? I just think we should be clear on this. For posterity.


Morning, all.

Is there some way to combine that with the real-time hand mutator?

If there’s one thing the nation needs it’s an Instagram with the caption, “Hey, look at my third buttock.”


Hotel made of salt.

And thus getting a drink of water there gets to be an absolute bitch . . . .

And soon a definitely a late bedtime for me . . . . !


There ain’t no turbulence like TNG turbulence.

I didn't know the Enterprise D had high-tech sex chairs.


I didn’t know the Enterprise D had high-tech sex chairs.

Heh. Perhaps that’s why the shields were always failing. Riker was secretly diverting all the power to his motorised upholstery.


Thank you, David. And may your rivers of snot soon run dry.


sk60 wins the thread.


Wow. Someone has put in a lot of work to blow the lid off The Beatles conspiracy.

R. Sherman

Point of Order on the Puppies With Guns. The weapon shown in the second photo appears to be the M2 Browning which chambers the .50 BMG round. The ammo cans are the wrong caliber.

You're welcome.


Someone has put in a lot of work to blow the lid off The Beatles conspiracy.

It is worryingly thorough. And in hindsight the fluctuating ear lobes were an obvious clue.

Sam Duncan

Well, I'm convinced. The only remaining question is who did it? The communists, or aliens? Personally, I suspect Harold Wilson. Unless he was one of them....

Jim Whyte, big dachshund and fifty-cal fan

Well noted, Sherman! ALWAYS read the ammo box or you wind up with .308 Win in your 7.62 NATO.

But for those dachshunds, let ballistic miscegenation thrive!

Jeff Wood

But, those Dachshunds chose 5.56mm, which if I recall correctly, is the calibre of the US Military M16 battle rifle.

Point 2, M'Lud, is that the late Jeff Cooper called that rifle the "Poodle Shooter".

A three-pipe problem, Methinks.


"It is worryingly thorough." Yes; but not uninstructive. The underlying assumption is that the camera can never lie. From that premise, many conspiracy theories can arise.
BTW: Ed Miliband is not autistic but an alien lizard!


BTW: Ed Miliband is not autistic but an alien lizard!

Oh, piffle, that's just a totally miniscule coverup that only involves merely one, ah, entity. And for the Beatles, that's just four people. For real coverups, you have to affect an entire planet.


Ok... I'm going to put in a word about the Edwardian fashion.

I love the hats... which I'd love to wear much more than slathering my face in 30 spf sunscreen every day.


I love the hats

Some of them look quite heavy and not terribly aerodynamic.


The second of those Edwardian ladies looks like she's glancing at her smart 'phone. I sense a conspiracy coming on...


Over at Tim Worstall’s place:

An innumerate would-be journalist spent $60,000 on an English degree and an MA in journalism – at a time when said industry is in prolonged and dramatic decline - and is now baffled to find that she isn’t automatically catapulted into a glamorous and lucrative career.

In the Guardian, obviously.


The Beatles, as they were presented to us, never existed.

This might be the hobby site of one Mary Hughes-Thompson,who tweeted her suspicion that the Charlie Hebdo attack was the work of Mossad because - wait for it - the killers spoke with perfect French accents.
No, I am not making this up.

R. Sherman

An innumerate would-be journalist spent $60,000 on an English degree and an MA in journalism . . .

Those are just her student loans, not the total cost of her degrees, received at two of the most expensive private universities in the country: The University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Given her immigrant background, she probably could have attended the University of Illinois for substantially less.

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

1906 Cromwell Street was a babe!


Well this is somewhat unexpected:

    Nearly One-Third Of College Men In Study Say They Would Commit Rape

No doubt the research that this Newsweek article is based on is an exemplary model of rigorous and credible research, and has been peer-reviewed by scholars of outstanding excellence at the journal of Violence and Gender.

Let's have a look …

    Sexual assault is a problem on many college campuses [ … ] Federal data estimate that about one in five women becomes the victim of sexual assault while in college, most of which is committed by assailants known to the victim (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control 2012).

Ah yes, the first line in and already I can feel overwhelmed by the excellent standards of research on display.

According to the article, 11 undergraduate participant men - 13.6% of the cohort - conceded having "an intention to rape a woman". Well, I don't know about anyone else but I think that sounds completely plausible to me.

Carry on as you were.


Fascinating stuff, isn't it?. And how quickly the news spreads and becomes part of the narrative.

From Newsweek,

Nearly one-third of college men admit they might rape a woman if they could get away with it, a new study on campus sexual assault claims. Of those men, however, far fewer will admit this if the word rape is actually used during the course of questioning.

That's right, a third of all college men are self declared Rapists!


That means there's a very good chance that any group of young male friends at college contains at least one or more rapists. Why do parents insist on sending their girls to college?. With those odds I would consider it tantamount to child abuse


'When the demonstrators stood in the Place de la Republique holding placards that read "JE SUIS CHARLIE", they might just as well have held ones reading: "NOUS SOMMES LES TERRORISTES"."

Predictable moral equivalency from that sour old bitch Will Self.



Predictable moral equivalency

I think it's worth bearing in mind that when tens of thousands of ordinary but not necessarily (or even not even likely) socialist activists step onto the streets to demonstrate, theirs suddenly a huge mass of people that the farther Left are unable to co-opt or claim to be their natural allies.

Consequently, there must be a reflexive need to take back the moral high ground and reassert their moral superiority over the plebs, or as I recently discovered they are now called, the 'sheople'/'sheeple'.

Hence, articles like this one.


I had trouble reading past "...I think of the powerful words of Robert Fisk"

Col. Milquetoast

This cracked me up from witwoud's Vice link:
The last cartoon drawn by Charb, Charlie Hebdo's editor, featured a crude pictogram of a jihadist wearing a hat called a pakol – this would mark the fighter out as an Afghan, and therefore as unlikely to be involved in terrorist attacks in the West. … yet not to get the basic facts about his targets correct, is it right to think of it as satire?

Is this satire? Someone in Afghanistan wishing for terrorism in the West? Inconceivable… er… waitaminute.

BTW the gas tube of an AK-47 is not as long as the barrel as drawn in a cartoon by Charb. Nor are Afghans usually Simpson's yellow nor are they in reality as proportioned as drawn. Somebody needs to call the satire police! Remember the characters on the Simpson's only have 4 fingers so it probably can't be satirical.

immediately, following is
Whatever else we may believe about people so overwhelmed by their evil nature that they're prepared to deprive others of their lives for the sake of a delusory set of ideas, the one thing we can be certain of is that they're not comfortable; moreover, while Charb's cartoon may've provoked a wry smile from Charlie Hebdo's readers, it's not clear to me that these people are the "afflicted" who, in HL Mencken's definition, require "comforting" – unless their "affliction" is the very fact of a substantial Muslim population in France, and their "comfort" consists in inking-in all these fellow citizens with a terroristic brush.

Kind of a shame that Charlie Hebdo doesn't get any of the important Victim points by getting firebombed or the bogus hate speech prosecution.


The terrorist attacks in Paris were appalling and vile.

The response by almost all of our media was so staggering in its hypocrisy, and so mendacious - it is nauseating.
They lined up to 'explain' and 'justify' the actions of the murderers. And to lie about why they would not print the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo's staff died for.
They are not Charlie.
They never have been Charlie.
They will not be Charlie.

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